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2 questions about the DLC

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  • 2 questions about the DLC

    1. I still didn't used the code for the DLC. But does this code SURE will work on July 27th , or do I have to redeem the code now and then use the new code email-ed to me? Because what if on July27 it still tells me to download the video?

    2. On the 27th I'm in holliday. Can I still use the code a week after?

    I hope for good answer and thanks in advance!
    Alan Wake 1000Gs - great Game!

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    Re: 2 questions about the DLC

    If it is the code you got with the game you can use it whenever you want up until it is taken off the marketplace, which probably won't happen until Remedy or Microsoft go out of business.


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      Re: 2 questions about the DLC

      1. Yes, though only when the DLC is released on the 27th. If you can see the DLC is active through the marketplace on Xbox Live then it's good to go.

      2. Of course.