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Alan Wake Installation

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  • michom86
    started a topic PC Alan Wake Installation

    Alan Wake Installation

    I've got the Alan Wake DVD and installed the game (7507MB) according to STEAM. When it was done, STEAM continued downloading some files saying it is 4.7 out of 6.7GB. Weird enough, 2 GB were missing although the disc installation was even more than 6.7GB.

    Anyway, it kept downloading till 6.7GB and stopped on that number. However download was still ongoing for hours and still is, till I stopped it now. I am on a slow internet connect with 20GB cap, and steam just took half of it!

    I tried restarting steam, doing that blob thing, etc... any ideas?

  • Kennyist
    Re: Alan Wake Installation

    Looking at my files you are looking at downloading another 1GB over that 6.7GB to reach normal game size (7.64GB), But that wouldn't include all patch data so thats probably what is making the download allot bigger. There is no way to tell how big all the patches where with steam so cant tell you how much you are looking to download.

    Also i cant remember if any bonus material got added to the normal game, if so that would bring it up a bit more. If you bought the collectors that is probably what brought it over 6.7GB, that bonus material data adds up to 3.5GB all together. Steam has probably read the original patch size from release (or from the disc) first so doesn't update to show the full download size.
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