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Latin American Spanish Language Pack problem

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    Originally posted by CatoNator View Post
    I'm pretty sure the language pack isn't available anymore, as the game itself was taken off the store.
    Mmm, that's a thought...but it might actually be available...well, technically.

    The game is still listed on Steam, even though you can't buy it anymore, so if you've bought it but didn't download it you still can play it. You can still buy the Collector's Edition extras or download the Bonus Materials pack though; they need the original game to work but they don't feature the restricted songs, so they can still be sold. The language pack wouldn't feature licensed songs, so it should technically be available.

    I messaged Steam about this twice in the past three years, whenever this thread got attention. I never actually got a response, and both times the topic was rejected. So I'm not sure what's going on there. It definitely sounds like a Steam issue. :/
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