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Not run Alan Wake.

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  • PC Not run Alan Wake.

    Hi. I'm Korean. So I can't English. I will write the Google Translator. Brackets in original Hangul to write will be less used to say. This way(이런 식으로).
    I bought Alan Wake on Steam.(난 스팀에서 앨런 웨이크를 샀다.)
    Alan Wake and a few days later I was running.(그리고 몇일 후에 나는 앨런 웨이크를 실행시켰다.)
    However, as shown in the bottom of the picture will not be executed, the error is only a notice.(그러나 밑의 사진과 같이 실행은 안되고 오류만 뜬다.)
    What is the way to run it?(실행시킬 방법은 무엇인가?)
    Expect a quick answer.(빠른 답변을 기대한다.)
    Windows 8.1 on a laptop computer and the operating system is the product of number of S560-MH10K.(운영체제는 윈도우8.1이고 컴퓨터는 노트북으로 제품번호는 s560-mh10k 이다.)
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    Re: Not run Alan Wake.

    This post will help you:
    ASUS MAXIMUS XI CODE, Intel i9-9900K 4.7GHz
    32GB G.SKILL DDR4 32000MHz, EVGA GTX 1080Ti SLI
    WD BLACK 1TB NVMe, Win 10 64-bit Pro