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  • PC game wont launch

    Same story of some of the other posts. I will try and launch the game, i get a preparing to launch popup, the game will try to synch for a split second and then nothing happens. I have american nightmare as well which has no issues.

    I have verified the game cache
    Changed launch options based on other posts
    i have all my drivers and system updated
    i have deleted the xml resolution file (it always comes back after i delete it, i dont know if that is supposed to happen)
    I have reinstalled the game multiple times

    Any other options would be greatly appreciated

    I have an Asus g75 vx
    intel i7 3630qm 2.4ghz
    8gb ram

    I am also running windows 10

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    Re: game wont launch

    Have you tried running in window mode? Explained here

    Making sure your anti-virus isnt blocking AW?

    Does your windows user profile where AW is installed have special characters in the name? Or in a language other then English?

    Try this?
    ASUS MAXIMUS XI CODE, Intel i9-9900K 4.7GHz
    32GB G.SKILL DDR4 32000MHz, EVGA GTX 1080Ti SLI
    WD BLACK 1TB NVMe, Win 10 64-bit Pro