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  • Alan wake on 360

    I purchased Alan wake some time ago on the Xbox 360 and now when I have gotten a new Xbox 360 (my old one broke) I tried to download and it says I must repurchase the game. I called and I was told that I still own the licence for the game but the only way to resolve this issue I must contact the publisher. I just want to play this game. This has also happened with some of my other games but all I about is this game. Please help me resolve this issue!!

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    Have you tried to transfer licences?

    Can I transfer a content licence from one Xbox 360 console to another?

    Yes, you can transfer content licences to a different Xbox 360 console. However, you can only transfer a licence once every four months.

    If you purchased a new console or had your console repaired, use the licence transfer option on your new console. Here's how:
    1.On your new console, sign in to Xbox Live using the gamertag that you used to purchase the content.
    Need to find your Microsoft account or password? See the Lost Account Solution or the Lost Password Solution.

    2.Go to settings, and then select Account.

    3.Go to Your Billing Options and select Licence Transfer.
    4.Follow the instructions to transfer the content licences.
    5.After you transfer the licences, download the content again to update the local licences. For information about how to do this, see How to redownload previously downloaded or purchased content to your Xbox 360.

    Other profiles can now use content on your console. You can also use the content when you’re not connected to Xbox Live.
    But you should be able to download the game nevertheless. The only thing you need is the same gamertag (profile) that you used to purchase the game.
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      Yes I have and after that didn't work I called them and they said contact remedy


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        I don't know how Remedy could help with license issue. They are the developer but have no control over Xbox Marketplace or digital licences. Microsoft does since they are the publisher and owns the store. I would suggest you contact them again. Maybe the first customer rep was confused.
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