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Alan Wake PC Controls and Controller not working.

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  • Alan Wake PC Controls and Controller not working.

    I recently bough Alan Wake and when I get in game I cannot move. My mouse works fine but when I try to walk nothing happens. If I spam my keys eventually Alan will toggle run in whichever the last WSAD key I hit was. I tried setting the controls as my arrow keys and that worked. For some reason the game has a hard time with most of the keys on the left side of my keyboard. When I tried to set the keys back to WSAD it would not let me and I yet again had to spam random keys hoping I would get W to switch back to the default. I went ahead and tried to use my Xbox 360 controller and that doesn't work either. I tested it on Battleblock Theater just to make sure it was detected and it worked. I have not had this problem on any other game and have no idea how to fix it. I've reset my controls, started new game, reinstalled and nothing worked. I'm hoping somebody here can help me.

    Thanks, boo