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Alan Wake - Steam Version - Windows 10

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  • Alan Wake - Steam Version - Windows 10

    I've been trying to play Alan Wake but can't even get through the very first chapter, due to the game stopping to respond and subsequently forcing me to terminate it.
    The first few times happened when trying to leave the cabin towards the light house and hopping down the stairs after the 'light'.
    I then forced Steam to verify the game cache and started a new game instead of continuing from my checkpoint and now the game crashes right before entering the cabin after the bridge collapsed.

    I have tried playing the game with fullscreen enabled and by putting it into windowed mode through the game settings but not yet by forcing it through Steam launch options.
    I have further tried to attach a DirectX Diagnostics logfile just for good measure but don't seem to have the required permission.

    If there's any way to pinpoint and resolve whatever is causing my issue, I'd be very thankful.

    Have a happy new year everybody.

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    I have since tried forcing the game into windowed mode via Steam launch options and restarted my PC.
    Either one of those two things helped or the problem fixed itself for now.


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      Hey Eyeseeyou! Sorry I missed your thread before, these past few days have been pretty crazy.

      I'm glad that the situation got resolved, and thank you so much for posting a second time about potential solutions. I'll keep an eye out for any suggestions so that you might be able to play the game full screen.
      The Sudden Stop - Remedy Fansite