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How to redeem xbox one alan wake code??

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  • How to redeem xbox one alan wake code??

    hi, i have an alan wake xbox 360 code, also playable on xbox one, i want to redeem my code on my xbox one console, but when i write the 25 characters code i get the next warning message, "Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page.", i tried so many ways to redeem it, but i cant, there's any special way to redeem it on the xbox one? i hope somebody can help me


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    Hey Summers1964! Welcome to the forums!

    Let's see what we can do. So, there's two main ways that you can redeem a XBOX One code if it hasn't been claimed by a friend or family member already, you can do it either through your console or on your PC.

    The XBOX One Version:
    1) Start your console up and get to the home page/dashboard.
    2) There's four tabs at the top "Home", "Community", "OneGuide" and "Store". It's the last one that you need to go to.
    3) When you're on the "Store" tab, there's a huge banner at the top, four smaller adverts below it, and under that there's another menu system. The menu has "Featured", "Search", "Membership" and "Use Code"
    4) Click on the "Use Code" menu option, and you should be sent to a new page asking you to put in the 25 character code.
    5) Follow the instructions and the game should be unlocked.

    The PC Version:
    1) Go to and sign in to your XBOX account.
    2) Once you've been verified, you can put in your 25 character code.
    (Make sure that you don't have any outstanding balance on your account. Apparently codes can't be redeemed if that's the case.)

    There's also other ways if you have the XBOX App on Windows 10, but I mainly game on consoles, so I'm less familiar with how to do that. THIS page on the Microsoft site should help if you want to try it though.

    Another thing which may have impacted redeeming it is if there was a sudden outage on the Microsoft side, you can check their service availability HERE.

    If those ways don't work, come back here and we can try some more things! But I hope it redeems and you can play the game (it's definitely one of my favourites ). If there is still an error, and it shows an error code, could make a note of it please? (It looks like “E12” or “0x87df2ee7”). Hopefully with the code we know a little more about what's going on, because it sounds pretty weird!
    The Sudden Stop - Remedy Fansite


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      Hi, thank you for your answer, i already tried those steps before
      here's another message that appears when i try to redeem the code:

      2017/01/07 - 04:54:10 UTC

      thank you for your help!


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        Woah! That's a weird code... I haven't encountered this before but I searched around a little bit and it doesn't look to be that common either (though you're definitely not alone!). Microsoft has a page where you can check out error messages and it decodes them, but with that one there doesn't seem to be anything about it, even variations of it. It doesn't look like a Remedy issue but rather an issue on the Microsoft side as they're not unlocking the game. Unfortunately because of that, I don't know if we can help you on these forums. I did find the next step that you might want to take though!

        Do you have Twitter? Or if you don't, are you okay with signing up? There are a couple of people who have contacted the XBOX Support pages ( about the "TokenNotSupported" issue and they've been asked to send a DM so Microsoft could dig deeper into the issue. If the code is faulty, they might be able to disable it and provide you with a new one, or if there's an issue with your account they could provide guidance to what's wrong.

        I'm sorry that it involves more searching, but hopefully it will be resolved very soon. And I hope to see you again in the Alan Wake section here in the future.
        The Sudden Stop - Remedy Fansite