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Nvidia SLI issues

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  • PC Nvidia SLI issues

    Game will not launch if configured for maximum 3D performance.
    I have followed every tip and trick in the read me first faq, and nothing helped until I turn OFF SLI, or span the displays first.
    Either way, I was able to launch the game and then switch it to window mode. I could then turn SLI back on (along with the apps that had to be turned off to make the changes)
    I tried to play the game again today, and the only way to start the game is with SLI turned off again. As long as I do not shut down my PC I can close the game, turn SLI back on and restart the game. I'm done with this method. This is crap... What is going on here? I have even tried just disabling one display, but no luck.....

    Steam version of the original game (btw American Nightmare works fine)
    Windows 10 64bit
    Intel Core i7-4790k CPU @ 4GHz
    16 GB Ram
    Dual GeForce GTX 970

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    My recommendation is to bring this to the attention of Nvidia.


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      hmm... I will do so, but considering this is the only game that does this I would think it's a coding issue with the game not Nvidia... Even still, I will bring it to their attention.


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        *Update* This can be closed.
        I did a live chat with NVIDIA today. They reviewed the system information file, and since I was fully up to date they gave me a link to a full driver download. They had me do a custom install so I could check the box to do a clean install.
        It seams there was a glitch in one of my drivers. The clean install fixed my problem.