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Sudden decrease in performance.

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  • Sudden decrease in performance.

    So, I'd like to start by saying Alan Wake is probably my favourite game of all time and I'd like to congratulate Remedy on creating such an engrossing experience.

    Now, my problem. I've already played Alan Wake before, a lot. I reinstalled both it and American Nightmare a few days ago, because I wanted to replay the games.

    So, while I was playing through the third chapter, "Ransom", at the part where you're leaving the mine museum and heading for Mirror's Peak, my game suddenly took a big hit in performance, and stayed that way since then. This happened 3 days ago, and ever since then my game feels like its running on about 20ish frames per second, while before it felt like a smooth 60 fps most of the time, on my custom settings. The bigger problem is that the lower performance also led to my mouse sensitivy going up. I brought down the mouse sensitivy but still, my mouse doesn't feel as smooth as it did before. It kind of feels like it's skipping frames or something, and its moving way faster and more unnatural than before. 1 day after this happened in Alan Wake, I noticed it affected American Nightmare as well. I tried verifying Steam local files, completely uninstalling and reinstalling both games. Nothing fixed it.

    I didn't make any change to my computer that could have brought this decrease in performance. Again, this change happened while I was playing the game, all of a sudden.

    I would really love if you guys could help me with this. Thanks in advance.