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Alan Wake Xbox one code from quantum break

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  • Alan Wake Xbox one code from quantum break

    Hi I used the free code from quantum break to get Alan wake. All worked fine I downloaded then when I went to start the game a message told me I didn't own it. I have been in contact with Microsoft and spent a good while going through all their procedures only to be told they didn't know what's happened and I should contact you.
    (on the Microsoft store it states I own the game, but when I try to launch the game it tells me I don't.)
    thanks, Dan

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    Hey Dan! Welcome to the forums!

    Hmmm, that's weird. It definitely sounds more like a Microsoft-related issue as it's on the XBOX One, they published both Quantum Break and the console version of Alan Wake, and it's a game accessibility issue. But hopefully there will be some suggestions on this board that will help!

    I actually had a similar problem last year when I redeemed a code; it allowed me to download it but when it came to playing it, I just didn't have permission to do so. For some reason it said that I didn't have the game even when it was downloaded. If you have multiple users on your console, occasionally it gets weird about playing a game which was redeemed on another account. Purchasing a digital game for the entire console? Not a problem. Redeeming a digital game code for the entire console? Nopenopenope. The Alan Wake code isn't tied to the account which Quantum Break was purchased for, so it could have been redeemed on another account if you were someone else was signed in either instead or at the same time. Are you the only one that uses your console?
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      Issues with the digital storefront are solely the issue of Microsoft. We don't have control over their marketplace I don't know why Microsoft would tell you otherwise.


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        They tried to palm me off with a licence issue on your side. And I only have one profile. So I will return back to Microsoft and see if I can get it resolved.
        thanks guys


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          Licensing issue? Hmm. Alan Wake was taken off of the store fairly recently because the music licensing ran out. Like Quantum Break it uses licensed music after each episode and on the radios, because of that it's not available for purchase anymore. But those who have a code for the game should still be able to redeem the code, as it's technically access to a game that you already paid for. I have some friends who have redeemed Humble Store and Steam codes after the game was taken off stores too and that's worked fine! If there was an issue because of that, it would have turned up when you tried to download the game.

          Just for clarity, Maniac and I just help out on the forums and don't work for Remedy, but back when the licensing deadline was announced Remedy stated that "If you already own Alan have nothing to worry about. The game will continue to work for you." And I played Alan Wake on XBOX One since it's retail disappearance and I didn't encounter that issue.

          I know that none of them is particularly helpful with sorting out the issue right now (sorry!) but I wanted to include some information for re-approaching Microsoft. I really hope you'll be able to play the game very soon, and maybe see you back on these boards.
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            Hi, you could solve the problem ? recently bought a alan wake digital code and the game install but not start ann showme 0x803f8001 error


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              Hey Pablogrind! Welcome to the forums!

              Apparently the 0x803f8001 error for the XBOX One means that the game disc is not in the drive (not an issue here), the game was purchased and downloaded by account on the console or the game was purchased and downloaded, but you aren't signed in and connected to Xbox Live. It sounds like the last one might be the thing causing your problem.

              I love my XBOX One but it sometimes acts up a little with that. Sometimes when I'm watching YouTube or Netflix through the console, it shuts down the app because it apparently decides I'm not signed in or haven't installed the app on my name, and then I have to reload it again. Sometimes when it keeps doing that, I have to press the menu button on the controller and manually exit the app or game before I can reload it.

              If you do have additional accounts on the console, you may have been accidentally signed in to another when you redeemed it. The console also throws a little strop sometimes when you try to play a game you didn't activate on your account, even though it's installed on the machine.
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                Strange thing, I can play the game perfectly (I used the code but I own the C.E. on xbox 360 disk as well) but not the special episodes... when I go to the microsoft store they say I allready own those episodes,but I can fire them up inside the game on xbox one, they refer me to the store, than the store tells me I allready own them and I can "download them to my xbox 360", which is quite cynical since I'm playing on xbox one.
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