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Did Alan wake on xbox one just get a huge update? 500-700 mb-ish? What changed?

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  • Did Alan wake on xbox one just get a huge update? 500-700 mb-ish? What changed?

    Did Alan Wake on box oe. just suddenly get a huge update? It surely was over 500mb could even have been over a gig but honestly I haven't been paying that much attention, at the same time ninja gaiden black was released as xbox original compatible and I was quite excited about that as well.

    So does anybody know more of the improvements or is there a list somewhere?... and has the issue with not being able to play the dlc been corrected? Xbox store says I own them and I can download them to my "xbox 360" but I'm playing on xbox one. On my xbox 360.I can still play them flawlessley but that cd driver is broken (probably just the rubber) so I want to take use of my xbox one as much as possible

    Hope someone could help shed some light on this I love this game to death, just bought an akitio node pci-E box with a geforce gtx 980ti 6gb just so I could play Alan wake on ultra on 1080 p on my macbook pro mid 2015. It was marvelous. Now I'm hoping the update on the xbox one woud give the same satisfaction but I would like to read up on the improvements and hopefully be able to play the special episodes. (I actually paid for them back in the day, except the first one which I got by buying the CE.)

    Hope someone can help me with the details!

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    Microsoft is always releasing updates for backwards compatible games to improve performance.