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    Originally posted by JerryWorld View Post
    Mikki; thanks for putting up with all the frustrated complaints and giving us real talk.
    Eh, it's all part of the package. =) I'm just glad people have found a solution to this.
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      I got some godly news Remedy Microsoft Drops Xbox 360 Update Charges for Developers!!! Here is the link:
      That means Alan Wake can finally be fixed!!


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        Thank you for posting your guide JerryWorld. Eventhough I am having trouble getting my stats reseted. I have followed steps right until Zane gives Alan revolver and flashlight. But when i insert my memory card that has the saves, the 0-stats with no-account are replaced with my regular live account stats... Insted 0-stats staying after inserting the memory unit. Any help guys?

        1430 GS and only things are left are 50 kills with flare and 50 with rifle (already got over 160 on both of them) and 6 no-see coffee thermoses...


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          Hello everyone:

          I'm a new user of this topic board.

          Originally posted by MikkiRMD View Post
          but if we have a fix ready and the publisher just doesn't want to do it, there is nothing we can do about it.
          Mikki, according to news about the new Microsoft policy related with patches, is going Remedy to release the fix that you have mentioned?

          Thanks for your attention!


          • Re: Achievements and Stats problem

            Originally posted by Vel View Post
            Like many of you my alan wake achievements bugged and i was stuck at 930 / 1500 for 2 years. Recently i looked around and couldn't find any way to reset the stats but i tried a method i had seen used on similar games with stats saved on a Xbox profile and i managed to reset the alan wake stats and earn 1500 / 1500, heres how i did it, you will need a xbox usb memory stick. I only needed achievements from the original game, not the dlc so as far as i know this will work for the original game but i am unsure about the dlc, it did reset the dlc stats but i never played it again as i already had those achievements.

            You will need to replay the whole game to get achievements related to coffee thermos and manuscript pages

            1. Firstly move your xbox live profile onto the memory stick, i was worried this would damage it, but i had no problems with mine

            2. Then move all alan wake saved games and dlc onto the memory stick

            3. Clear the system cache on the xbox hard drive

            4. Restart your xbox loading your profile from the usb memory stick

            5. Disconnect your internet connection if you have one connected, my xbox had a wireless connection so i connected an ethernet cable and removed it whixh dissconnects your internet connection

            6. Start alan wake, before it loads up, on the Microsoft screen quickly remove your usb, this will sign out your profile and prevent alan wake from loading the stats into the game - The xbox will continuously ask you to reinsert the usb because it cant detect a profile, ignore this as the game will still run without being signed in

            7. At this stage check there is no active profile, i did this by pressing home and moving right to profile, for me there was no profile, no name, no gamerscore or rating, so i knew my method was working correctly * (on the main screen i was told the dlc had become corrupted, as my method was only for the original 1000 gamerscore i wasn't bothered, people trying to reset dlc stats may need to retweek this method)

            8. Begin a new game, the game will auto save on your hard drive, this is fine for the moment, as there are no loaded stats from a profile the game should start with 0 / * for your collected items, check this because if there are stats it means the game has started with a connection to your profile on the removed usb somehow

            9. Play the prologue for afew checkpoints, about half way through the prologue, around the time Thomas Zane gives alan a flashlight and gun, i reinserted my usb and changed the save method for alan wake - this is done by pressing start and going into options and changing the device for saves from the hard drive to the usb, then play alan wake for several more checkpoints (don't worry about achievements such as float like a butterfly because this will unlock later)

            10. What this method does is save the new games stats over the top of the stats for the profile, the profiles original stats could not be loaded before the new game was started and when reinserted the two saves were incompatible and the newer save with 0 / * becomes the active stat save for the profile in the current new game

            11. I played the remainder of the prologue and started chapter 1, when Stuckly attacks you near where the bulldozer pushes the building off the cliff is how i knew this had worked because the dodges i performed unlocked float like a butterfly

            12. Playing the rest of the game more achievements unlocked such as find x many hidden caches and the pyramid cans

            13. I unlocked all the achievements i needed for 1500 / 1500 then moved my profile from the usb back to my hard drive

            Probably like many of you i checked alan wake forums regularly but never found patches or methods to reset stats, my method was achieved through tweeking a method i'd seen on youtube for mass effect and army of the two. I hope it works for you like it did me and if you want to repost this please go ahead 1500 / 1500 woo!
            Thanks for the tip! You can also insert the USB after your first check point.
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