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  • PC Sick of glitches

    IN episode 4 on the road to the farm, I get no triggers or checkpoints. I reach the cabin where your to drive the truck, yet there is no floor or walls and can't progress. After jumping through hoops to finish episode 3, I got to Episode 4. Now my question is - Is there going to be another patch? if not I want my money back. Because this game is riddled with bugs. I have the Steam version.

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    Re: Sick of glitches

    You obviously are having a problem with the game's files. Check the files with STEAM.
    Right click "Alan Wake">Properties>Local Files tab>Verify integrity of game cache...

    The game works absolutely fine. And it should work too in your PC. (Just checked you DXDiag report)


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      Re: Sick of glitches

      Sorry you're having problems! We haven't had any other reports of game script not triggering after we patched one critical problem to 1.02 in February.

      SkyNet's suggestion is a good one, but is there anything "not standard" or common in your configuration that could cause this issue? Any weird game controllers? you have a dual core CPU? etc.


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        Re: Sick of glitches

        He has posted his dxdiag here.
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          Re: Sick of glitches

          His PC (pre-built Dell) was available in 2 configurations, one with a Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading (singlecore) and one with a Pentium D (true dualcore).

          After looking through his dxdiag, which states "Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)", I guess he has the singlecore version and is below the minium requirements.

          To be absolutely sure, the OP would need to download a tool like CPU-Z, identify his CPU and report back if it's a P4 or a Pentium D.

          Even if it's a Pentium D I'm not sure if it would be fast enough, the Pentium D's were nowhere near the first Core2Duo's.