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Red flashing screen and minor artifacts.

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  • PC Red flashing screen and minor artifacts.

    Win XP
    Intel Dual core 2.13Ghz
    ATI Radeon 4800 HD
    Drivers: latest (tried earlier too)

    First I've noticed some artifacts. I get black triangles, strange gray shapes and "blinking" textures. But this is only bothersome.

    Then after some time this starts to happen:

    The screen is blinking and flashing red (paused the game to make a screen). I cannot continue because I hardly see what is happening. I try turning off/decreasing different graphical options bout to no avail. Downclocking my card and running graphics "very low" doesn't help.

    Other than that, the game is running smoothly, even with the highest settings. Other games run smoothly and no-problem as well. Is my g-card lacking something (like hardware) to run this game correctly? Or is it an in-game issue?

    Couldn't find any similiar problems with solutions. If you know something, anything, please post.