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Big crash pc freeze issue with alan wake

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  • Big crash pc freeze issue with alan wake

    Hi Guys,

    I bought this wonderful game yesterday but encountered a real serious crash when arrived at the lover's peak.

    Well, when at the peak, i picked all the flashlights in the box, just had time to shoot a possessed guy and "kaboom" a full light blue screen with many white vertical lines...PC totally freezed and needed a reboot...

    My PC configuration is :

    Intel core I7, 8G ram

    Graphics : ATI HD 7970

    The place i bought the game is Steam.

    Could you please guys help me fix this?

    Thanks a lot


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    Re: Big crash pc freeze issue with alan wake

    Have you downloaded all the latest graphics drivers for your computer? not having the latest drivers can cause some problems and crashes. It did for me anyway but after installing them all my games worked great. Also what resolution are you running the game on? try lowering it and see if it makes a difference. what are your cpu specs also? Its recommended that you have atleast a 3ghz cpu to run the game. what operating system are you using? windows xp supports up to directx 9.0 but windows 7 can support up to 11. you should have atleast 9 or over to run the game too
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      Re: Big crash pc freeze issue with alan wake

      Please try the steps outlined in the following thread:
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