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Low FPS on my laptop

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  • PC Low FPS on my laptop

    Hello there,

    I just bought Alan Wake on Steam today and I am having some problem with it.

    To begin with, here are my specs :
    - Core i7 2675QM (2.2Ghz, 4-core)
    - AMD Radeon HD 6750M (1GB GDDR5)
    - 8GB DDR3
    - Native resolution : 1600x900

    Not really a gaming configuration, but I am able to play most of my game quite decently : Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (ultra settings (no AA), native resolution, 70FPS), Bioshock 2 (ultra settings (no AA), native resolution, 45FPS) etc.

    With Alan Wake, I'm forced to play with sub-HD (720p) with low settings with a poor framerate (40FPS at most, often dropping to 25FPS so too laggy for a decent gaming experience) while even Crysis runs smoothly with native resolution and medium details.

    My drivers are up-to-date and I did what is recommended here and there is no way my system does not meet the minimal requirements for that game.

    So just what is wrong here ??? Have I bought that game for nothing ?
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    Re: Low FPS on my laptop

    Sorry to hear you have problems! It's hard for me to judge the perf of these mobile configs well. Sounds like it should be running somewhat better at least, but without a similar system to compare on it's hard to be sure. The problem with the laptop systems is memory bandwidth - that is a 128bit memory bus on the 6750M, and Alan Wake is very fill rate heavy.

    Some people have reported that the uninstall drivers -> running a 3rd party driver cleaner -> installing latest driver process has helped, but YMMV.

    Other reason may be overheating and resulting cpu/gpu starting to downclock to prevent damage. But usually the difference in perf would be more radical.


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      Re: Low FPS on my laptop

      So there's nothing I can do to get decent performances on my computer and I've just wasted my money, that's what you say ? How disappointing...


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        Re: Low FPS on my laptop

        Have you tried the 3 common steps for performance issues?

        Verify your Steam cache
        - Open up your Steam library
        - Right-click on Alan Wake and choose Properties
        - Go to the Local Files tab and choose "Verify integrity of game cache".

        Update DirectX
        Ensure your copy of DirectX is updated to the latest version:
        Download Link

        Update your video card drivers.
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          Re: Low FPS on my laptop

          As I said earlier, I did every single thing recommended in the FAQ, and still nothing would change.