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No voiceover audio in cutscenes or in game

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  • PC No voiceover audio in cutscenes or in game

    I downloaded the game on steam last week. Graphics are fine, as is all of the audio, except for the narration in the cut-scenes, as well as any narration by Alan Wake during the game, although the dialogue from the other characters seems to work fine. Even when I put the "dialogue" on max volume, and leave everything else on 3, it is barely audible.

    I have updated my graphics drive, as well as my audio, and my DirectX is updated. I run Windows 7.

    I have attached the dxdiag for my computer, please advise, this game seems like a lot of fun, but without the narration, the atmosphere just is not there.
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    Re: No voiceover audio in cutscenes or in game

    This to me sounds like the speakers are not set correctly, as you don't seem to be getting the speech which we direct to the center channel in a 5.1 configuration.

    I would test that the speaker config is correct ("change sound card settings" -> configure from start menu), and if that does not help I would try the "-forcestereo" command line to force the game to use stereo sound only (where the dialogue is routed to side speakers).