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Extremely low perfomance after adding another memory module

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  • PC Extremely low perfomance after adding another memory module

    Hello everyone.
    I have a weird problem with steam version of this game.
    I've completed about one half of the game on medium settings and it worked pretty well, but after adding another memory module fps even on the lowest setting dropped to 10 and it's compelety impossible to play like that!

    With every other game everything is fine and performance even increased.
    So i don't know what to do and looking forward to continue playing this awesome game.

    PC specs:
    intel core 2 duo 2.53 Ghz
    2 gb Ram (without new memory module) and 4 gb (with it)
    Geforce 9800GT 512 mb
    Windows XP SP3

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    Re: Extremely low perfomance after adding another memory module

    Sounds like a bad memory stick or they arent equal/compatible.

    Are the new memory modules the same spec's and manufacturer? Some vary in voltage and this may throw off your system, latency timings, etc.

    Try just using your new memory. If it still lags bad then maybe you have defective memory or your system doesnt fully support the specs for those sticks.

    Double check that your motherboard can support the type of memory you added. Also, it could be a bad DIMM slot on the motherboard. Try using different slots and see what happens.

    Maybe just reverify integrity of game cache through steam?
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