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    I just bought the game for family playing. Then I discovered the game was running steam. Hence the game is attached to that dumb account and I didn't found the way such that my kids an myself could progress in the game at our own pace. Steam does not recognized the windows account one is logged on. I've tried "start a new game" on another account but it just erased the former game. I am discovering the "world of steam" on other forums... I've asked them this question but they elude it, and send me to AW's forum.

    Is there a way to play different games in parallel (but not in the same time of course, I understand I have only one license)?.

    Thanks. Apart from this, the game is really well done, congratulations.

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    Re: Multi players saving

    Hi dumblebee! Unfortunately Alan Wake isn't designed for a multiple user experience, but playing the game with your whole family sounds awesome.

    Steam hides the savegames under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[random numbers, mine were at the moment 64954185]\108710\remote\

    You can copy the file to a safe place, then restart the game with a different user. After playing copy the new savegame to a different place and keep record of the different files.

    If you happen to own Alan Wake's American Nightmare, make sure that you distinguish its savegames from the AW files, as they use the same folder structure under Steam\userdata and have only different random numbers as folder names.