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Panning is VERY blurry!

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  • PC Panning is VERY blurry!

    I am using an onboard chipset, which isn't supported by the game.

    I realize that the game isn't probably going to run as smoothly as with a graphic card, but actually it looks very good for the most part. The cut scenes run great, and the 3d environment works very well as far as details.

    The only issue I have is with the panning. If I look around, it gets VERY blurry until I stabilize the mouse.

    Maybe this is how the game is meant to be? I am deducing that, because there is an option to press [F] to FOCUS.

    Or is there some tweeking I can do with the settings to improve the blurry panning?

    My specs:

    Intel(R) HD Graphics.
    Dell Inspiron 620
    3 GHZ Intel Processor
    6 GB RAM
    64-bit OS
    Windows 7


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    Re: Panning is VERY blurry!

    That sounds like the motion blur we use. It shouldn't be a problem, unless a) you really hate motion blur in general (some people do), or b) your frame rate is very bad, in which case you can get completely blurred frames that linger on your screen longer than is comfortable.

    You can turn that off with the command line option -noblur (see this thread for a complete list of command line options), but be warned that it will also affect some other things in the game -- mostly, the way the Taken look, because there's a motion blur effect around them. They don't look anywhere near as good without it, so that may or may not be something you want to do.

    The "FOCUS" functionality has nothing to do with the motion blur, that just focuses the camera on a point of interest.
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      Re: Panning is VERY blurry!

      lol, all cutscenes are prerendered so its has nothing to do wit it
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