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Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

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  • Alan Wake with 1fps on i5


    I am running Alan Wake and Alan Wake American Night... on an iMac 27" with native Windows 7.

    Hardware: Intel quad core i5 @ 2,67 GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI AMD 4850 512MB dedicated RAM;

    Software: Windows 7 home premium 64bit (bootcamp, so direct on HW) + Steam client; Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare via Steam

    Whenever there is a scene with couple of enemies or just in the beginning of both games I get the terrible effect that the game runs on fps = 1. Which means unplayable.

    Is there any known solution for this, I don't get it since the HW (RAM and 4 CPUs) are nearly not utilised.

    sorry if somebody posted the same topic, but I could not find it


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    Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

    Yes there is. Uninstall Windows and reinstall Mac OS X.

    Use windows 7 in a virtual setting only. iMacs wont play nice with windows.

    Unfortunately for you AW is not on steam for Mac so you are out of luck.
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      Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

      Hi Dude,

      that's absolutely not true, first Bootcamp means that Win 7 runs parallel to OS X, so reinstall is not required.
      Secondly games like half life 2, halo 2, max payne 2, l4d2, all the work perfect with the highest grafic settings.

      Nothing to do with win 7 running on an iMac.
      Any body else experienced the same topic on an late 2009 iMac 27"?



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        Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

        Hi Tornado! I'm sorry to hear that the game isn't working on your set-up

        I actually used to have an iMac (although a 2006 model, not so comparable with yours) with Win 7 installed via Bootcamp. My experience was that although Apple has done a decent job with drivers and compatibility in general, the Mac + Win combo isn't really suited for high-end games.

        What comes to the games that have worked for you: bear in mind that for example MP2, Halo 2 and HL 2 are rather old titles. Valve even released Mac versions of HL 2 and L4D 2, so the support for Mac hardware is better.

        Alan Wake's recommended settings mention GPU with 1 GB or more RAM, so maybe upgrading the graphics card could help (upgrading anything except memory on iMacs is known to be super fun...). These are just my personal kind-of-educated guesses, so please correct me if I'm completely talking nonsense


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          Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

          Hi Lauri,

          thanks for the reply, well graphics card update is not possible with an iMac. However the hardware is like this: Intel quad core i5 @ 2,67 GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI AMD 4850 512MB dedicated RAM
          So is a AMD 4850 with 512MB RAM decent for AW with the lowest graphic settings?

          True is that L4D2 runs as well under Mac but I am playing L4D2 under Bootcamp / Windows since the performance und Windows is better.
          As far as I understand L4D2 and HL2 have been "migrated" with surrounding software and you can still feel this under OS X.

          Hope Max Payne 1 and 2 will become available over steam soon, still my favorite games, once per year played thru.


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            Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

            The minimum requirement is 512 MB of GPU RAM and recommended is 1 GB, so your GPU passes the minimum specs and should run AW better than 1 fps.

            Unfortunately with Mac + Win it's still a bit of voodoo how some things work and some don't. Let's just hope Apple keeps supporting Bootcamp and developing drivers

            Btw, the Max Payne series is already available on Steam.


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              Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

              Terve Lauri,

              well, can I take some performance logs from AW so this could tell somebody who understands this data the cause of it?

              So far I could not find any issue with Win 7 and the apple drivers since (my guess) 90% of the hardware is standard and recognized by win 7, like the GPU, CPU, RAM, etc etc. The Mac drivers are more for the magic touchpad, bluetooth, etc.

              I found Max Payne 2 on steam, not MP1. Thanks for the link! If I once purchased the game can I get steam to understand this? Probably not since I own the CDs of 1 and 2 and those have been used to verify the ownership, no serial, not even sure if there was a registration. Can't recall.
              Don't want to pay twice for it, however steam apps have the latest patches on board and there is no need to search for them on the web.



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                Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

                Hei taas

                Performance logs would help, but first you should go through the common issues & fixes thread. It also has instructions on how to get the DX logs etc.

                The retail CD versions of MP 1 and 2 can't be connected to Steam, so you have to buy them digitally if you wan't to get achievements etc. I assume Rockstar has released the same patches via Steam and their own support system. You can check those our at and That last site is so ridiculously old that it makes me feel all retro and fuzzy inside


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                  Re: Alan Wake with 1fps on i5

                  so, some news, the GPU died, I have a new one installed thru Apple Care so lets see if things changed or not ....... :-)