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Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

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  • PC Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

    I play Alan Wake v1.05 in my laptop Asus with this characteristics:

    Windows 7 premium
    Intel Core i7 -3610 QM 2,3 GHz
    Ram 8GB
    Nvidia geforce 610M, 2gb

    I play it in the first part (Nightmare), just to verify the game experience. In the outside scenery, specially with the street lamps, light and fog scenes or when it zooms toward the lighthouse during the cinematics, the images slow down. In the interior scene in the old cabin, the game runs very smoother. The game is slow indipendently from the resolution and the High/Medium/Low quality. I play it in very low quality and resolution and it still slow, only a little bit smoother. I'm not able to find a solution anywhere. I tried in this forum but I failed. I tried to reinstall the drivers, but the problem persist. All the drivers are updated, my laptop is NEW, it is 4 month old. I cleaned and fix all the pc errors with RedCure pro. I'm absolutely not an expert. I attach my DXDIAG text file and a screenshot of the performance of my pc during the game (the utilized GPU is 95 %, and the temperature 45°C) Please could someone help me?

    (sorry for my english, I'm italian)
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    Re: Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

    Hi OL92! Your English is fine, don't worry

    The setup seems powerful enough, so it's difficult to pinpoint a weak spot. Just to make sure: have you gone through all these instructions, including verifying Steam cache? (assuming you're playing via Steam)


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      Re: Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

      Thanks for the advice, but I've already read that forum and I didn't find any answer to my problem. I verified if my laptop respects the game requirements with various "Can I run" utilities in various games websites, and they said that my pc met the minimum requirements. The problem is that my Nvidia Geforce 610M 2gb is not powerful enough to ensure a smooth gaming experience. "Can I run" ( suggests me to game in low quality, but the game is slow also in the lowest quality mode. Is this normal? So why the game is still slow also in the lowest quality? How can I find what is the problem? Could be incompatibility with my GPU? Thanks for any answer!

      GPU usage:
      1280x720 + Low quality >>>>> GPU usage: 80-90%
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        Re: Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

        It's probably just the limitations of the mobile version of a high performing GPU that cause the issues. On the other hand, for example with Intel 3000 and 4000 HD graphics some issues were solved when Intel released better drivers. Let's just hope Nvidia does the same, because unfortunately the PC version of AW isn't getting patches anytime soon.


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          Re: Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

          Perhaps check that the game is using your dedicated GPU, rather than trying to use the CPU. Look through your nvidia game profiles to find out.
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            Re: Alan Wake works slow with hi-performance laptop

            I use the game with Nvdia geforce. I've already checked.