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Chapter 6 Glitch

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  • Xbox 360 Chapter 6 Glitch

    Hi there, I am doing my Nightmare playthrough of Alan Wake and have just got to the part where you have to destroy the digger on the bridge. At one point the digger hit me and i flew up into the air, landed on the floor and died - trouble is that i hit a checkpoint while up in the air, so now I am stuck on a constant loop of falling and dying unable to continue. I know you can replay chapters through the main menu but will this still count for the Nightmare achievement? Up till now I have played the game in one playthrough (not using chapter select) and I am worried that using chapter select will not count towards the achievement. Can anybody confirm whether this is true? Thanks

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    Re: Chapter 6 Glitch

    You should be totally fine and still get the achievement even if you restart a chapter. As long as its on nightmare.

    Hey, even if it doesnt work. Just play on nightmare again. Its a fun game no?
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