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Black Terrain and White Hair!

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  • PC Black Terrain and White Hair!

    I've just started playing Alan Wake, and found that I'm having some interesting graphical glitches. Although the game appears to be running fine, I've noticed that all of the physical terrain in the game is totally black and certain objects are white, including Alan's hair, some trees, and the hitchhiker's mask. Things like that.

    I've tried changing certain in-game settings, and to no avail.

    My system specs are:

    Windows 8 64-bit
    Intel Core i7-3770 CPU 3.4 Ghz
    intel HD graphics 4000
    16 gigs of ram
    DirectX 11

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    Re: Black Terrain and White Hair!

    Intel has released a fix for this in their latest driver.
    ASUS MAXIMUS XI CODE, Intel i9-9900K 4.7GHz
    32GB G.SKILL DDR4 32000MHz, EVGA GTX 1080Ti SLI
    WD BLACK 1TB NVMe, Win 10 64-bit Pro


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      Re: Black Terrain and White Hair!

      The problem is I did a driver scan through intel, and I'm fully updated already on my drivers.


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        Re: Black Terrain and White Hair!

        I had the same problem. I tried to use the auto update of Intel, but no luck.

        But I fixed it. So here is the way (for win 8):
        - Right click on your desktop and chose "Screen resolution"
        - Click Advanced setting.
        - Click Properties under Adapter type.
        - Then chose driver tape.
        - Then click Update Driver. This will update your graphic driver to the last. It fixed my as well.
        Good luck,


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          Re: Black Terrain and White Hair!

          i tried that it said it had the latest update but when i launched the game again it was still white and black