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  • PC Blackouts?

    Okay, now Im pretty sure that the Problem I have isnt listed in this board or anywhere. Also I think I figured out that its not part of the Game like I thought at the beginning.
    My Problem is, that Alan gets Blackouts at irregular times. It does not depands if I am in fight with a Ghost or Run, or just stand on a point. It doesn't matter if its night or day
    The screen gets totally black and slowly lights up, similiar to a flashbang in Counter-Strike, just in black not in white. I watched some Gameplays and could not register any kind of Problem like I have
    I could not find any hint how to get this problem off of me.
    My graphic card is also on the newest date
    Please Excuse my bad english I know its not very well at all.
    I hope you can help me with my Problem

    Hardware Info:
    CPU AM3+AMD FX-4170 8MB 4 Core
    GeForce GTX 650 Gainward VGA 2GB || Version: 320.18 WHQ
    (dunno if more is requestet)

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    Re: Blackouts?

    Up... would please for Awnser. Its not funny at all play this way


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      Re: Blackouts?

      Is it like the issue in this thread?
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        Re: Blackouts?

        Nope it isnt. If i understood this thread right there were problems with the light. I got the problem, that the screen gets black, like someone throws flashbangs on me, like in css


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          Re: Blackouts?

          Sounds like a monitor setting. Does your monitor have an option for Dynamic Contrast? See what settings are on automatic and try to do manually.

          Seems like its a dynamic contrast feature going astray. Check your monitor settings for brightness, contrast, etc.
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