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Accidental Double Purchase

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  • PC Accidental Double Purchase

    I bought 2 different packages of Alan Wake on Steam.
    But I did not know that you do not get the games available in the inventory and have unnecessarily paid the full money for it.
    Now I want to reclaim the money from one package.
    Can someone help me to whom should I contact?

    Sorry Google-Translater (I'm from Germany) :-D

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    Re: Accidental Double Purchase

    Contact Steam Support.
    After all, they run the service.
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      Re: Accidental Double Purchase

      Retail Purchase Returns
      How do I return a retail game package?
      Please contact the vendor you purchased the game from for a return or exchange - as the purchase of the game package from a retail outlet involves a transaction between you and the retailer. Steam Support will not offer returns for retail purchases.
      Any retail packages mailed to Valve for a return or refund will be discarded.



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        Re: Accidental Double Purchase

        Originally posted by Minister View Post
        Retail Purchase Returns
        How do I return a retail game package?]
        I believe that refers to a situation where you have purchased a physical copy from a store, Minister. It's not relevant here, since you say you bought the two copies on Steam.

        As AnttiApina says, you need to contact Steam support about this.
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