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PC Shutdown after 10-20min of gameplay.

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  • PC PC Shutdown after 10-20min of gameplay.

    Alright, here goes my PC specs:

    Settings in game everything on Max(High) on 1366x768.
    After 10-20min of gameplay my PC shutdown, I tested three times the game, and in both times I played the PC shutdown. I monitored the GPU with Afterburner while playing and the card reach a maximum of 60°C/140°F(52ºC/125°F minimum) with a peak of 80% of GPU usage, at 1.175v. FPS over 65...

    My 660Ti can handle Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and Kombuster 2.5, both on extreme graphics settings without any problem or blackouts. Some proofs...

    I never experience this kinda of problem in games... so,
    I wanna hear some excuses from Devs about this, if it's possible.

    Too bad for me uninstall the game, since I loved the story and the graphics. But if I can't play, what I gonna do?

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    Re: PC Shutdown after 10-20min of gameplay.

    I would recommend you default your clock ratio on the GPU.

    Your powers supply is only 500 watts and is bronze certified (80% max output of total load). So you are getting around 400 watts. With other hardware connected it may not being putting out enough power to your GPU and causing a fault. Especially since you have overclocked edition. It may require more power regardless of you down clocking GPU.

    I would check to see what the recommended wattage is for that card. You may have to contact their customer support as I do not see the wattage listed on their website specs.

    Also try disabling all 3rd party monitoring sofware while in game. All games are different and some may need more GPU power then others.
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      Re: PC Shutdown after 10-20min of gameplay.

      The PSU was the first thing that came to mind when I saw that list. I'm guessing it's a tad underpowered, and since Alan Wake seems to be very demanding on hardware, I'd say that it is most likely the cause of the random shutdowns you're experiencing.