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Humble Wake won't start

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  • PC Humble Wake won't start

    Bought the HB version of AW and I managed to play it once, although during my playthrough I got two errors about being unable to read config, but it read it fine after I pressed retry.

    However now that I have played it I wold like to play it again, but now the game won't start anymore, at all, and all it does do is create a DMP file.

    It's very strange because I haven't changed anything in my system at all.

    Please, is someone able to help me with this issue.

    Thank you.


    I'd also installed American Nightmare to it's own folder IN the AW folder (just to keep things neat and my AW games together.). I just moved AM's folder out of the AW folder and AW works now.

    It seems that ANYTHING not supposed to be in the AW folder will cause AW to crash on start up.
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    Re: Humble Wake won't start

    It can be a fragile personality sometimes...

    Glad you were able to sort it out.
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