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Alan Wake Error Please Help

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  • PC Alan Wake Error Please Help

    Hi, i have this error after first logo
    The instruction at "0x00809ae0" referenced memory at "0x05c42d70".the memory could not be "read"
    Click on OK to terminate the program
    What I can do? I restart and reinstall the game but still not working.

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    Re: Alan Wake Error Please Help

    Have you tried running the game so that no other programs are running on the background? If not, try that. Get rid of everything, the internet browser, small quick start programs on the lower right corner, anything that isn't essential. If it's still pushing errors, there is some stuff that I can think of.

    You should run directX diagnostic, and check if there's any errors. Go to start menu, then find "run" (you can always use search), and type dxdiag. Whether there is any errors or not, it is also good after running the diagnostic to check the driver version of the graphics card and the directX version itself. Check the "display" tab to see the details on the graphics card. Details like manufacturer, date of driver installation, driver version, etc. Then get to the manufacturers site and see if the latest drivers correspond with the driver information, or whether in fact, a newer driver is available.

    As for the DirectX, the most efficient way to update it, is to update Windows itself. So find the "Windows Update" on the System Manager, and search for new updates. Install everything that are flagged as important. The optional ones shouldn't be needed, but you could install them too, just in case.

    The most obvious stuff out of the way, I can only start guessing. These memory reference errors are quite mysterious often, so the explanation for them can be quite bizarre.

    For one thing, I'd suggest to wait someone actually competent and more knowledgeable to answer.

    You can try getting rid of your current java, and replacing with the newest version, checking if the actual memory has a problem by downloading Memtest and making a disc out of it, boot with it, and run it, and removing and cleaning (gently) your memory modules and putting them back in.
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      Re: Alan Wake Error Please Help

      System specs?
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