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ALAN WAKE - fix for startup crash.

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  • PC ALAN WAKE - fix for startup crash.


    This is a post that I hope helps other people.

    I had a problem running the GOG version of Alan Wake. It would crash at the intro screen, after running for a second or 2. No matter what I did, it would always crash 1 second in. Strangely American Nightmare did work - but Alan Wake didnt.

    I was running windows 8 64bit. I tried everything in this forum, writing to GOG support - no-one could help.

    However doing a vanilla WIndows 8 install DID work - but obviously that wasnt good enough.

    In the end I found out what my issue was on my own - I'm letting you know in the hope that it helps other people

    The problem turned out to be - drum roll - the documents directory

    Apparently the game does not like it if you have a non-standard documents directory. Windows default location is c:/Users/<userid>/Documents. The Library then has a "My Documents" link that points to that location.

    In my case I had moved my documents folder to my Dropbox folder, and updated the Library location.

    I set the doc folder back to default, and voila - the game works perfectly. Move it again, and the game breaks.

    Every other program I have was fine with my setup - so I expect the game has the location hardwired somewhere in the code. I think its a bug.


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    Re: ALAN WAKE - fix for startup crash.

    Thanks for posting a solution.
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