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I think that Control is on the same universe of Alan Wake and I can prove it

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  • I think that Control is on the same universe of Alan Wake and I can prove it

    Hello guys. First of all: Control is gorgeous, isn't? That kinda living weapon the main character has is beautiful, the gameplay looks amazing. Can't wait to see more of it.

    But that's not why I'm here today. Im here today to shake your world, steal your breath and Kindle that fire in your heart. Yes, Control is related/on the same universe as Alan Wake.

    Thing is, now with the story details of Control being released to the public, I'm turning into Clay Steward in real life! I can't stop watching the trailer, seeking clues everywhere, reading all info I can find about Control, because it instantly flicked a light in my brain. And after hours of reading and researching Im pretty sure I figured it out.

    Now, let's start it:

    Do you guys remember, way back on 2012, that Remedy created a fake blog about someone who started to act like Clay Steward, seeing and feeling something supernatural tied to Alan Wake Universe.

    It was called: This House Of Dreams, by Samantha. Here's the link to the blog:

    I remember that this forum erupted, everyone was anxious about Samantha next post, it was awesome. It started on the same day as Alan Wake's American Nightmare was released, so it was a kind of tie in with the game, but also a kinda of "see you soon" farewell. Also, it had vague hints about the world of Alan Wake, the Dark Place and stuff like this.

    So I started to read it all from the beginning, until 03/14/2012 (or 14/03/2012). Samantha has finded a Shoebox in her new house, and had a strange, dark dream. In her dream, she was visited by an "federal agent", who showed her his ID. He says that the box is a top secret and she must give it to him. You should read this update, so I'm dropping the link:

    Strange things happens and when she wakes up, she doesn't remind of his badge showing FBI or CIA. It was AWE.

    If that name ringed an alarm in your head, its because the last time we heard of this name was way back in 2015. Remedy had registered "AWE - Bureau Of Altered Words" and "AWE". Here's the link:

    It's also mentioned in Quantum Break, written on a wall.

    Fast forward a series of unfortunate events, Samantha is contacted by a organization, who in turn says that they know whats happening to her, that it also happened before, the true origin of the shoebox, and that she should give it to them and stop updating the blog, she was in danger. Here's the link to this update:

    This reminds her of that Agent, who had visited in her Nightmare. So, it was probably AWE.

    Now, accordingly with all the info released by Remedy, Control Bureau is responsible for the investigation of supernatural events.

    This is not a coincidence.

    After a lot more of amazing poems and a Clicker, she has one last dream. This time, is not about AWE, agents or anything. It's about Thomas, Barbara, The Dark Presence and The Light Presence. Its the emotional farewell-but-see you soon. But at the same time, it gives us, Alan Wake fans, hope that we are gonna see more of this amazing franchise, but the last paragraph got me thinking, here, read this:

    "It will be something totally different from what I'm expecting, something I could never had imagined" - Yeah, Control isn't what we expect as a Alan Wake sequel, i mean, where's Alan?

    Now, from here is purely speculation from myself:

    Don't forget the Campbell Monomyth

    I) Departure (ALAN WAKE)
    II) Initiation (CONTROL)
    III) Return (ALAN WAKE 2)

    Alan Wake Easter egg in Quantum Break also showed an Federal Bureal searching for clues about Alan Wake, Mr.Scratch and the Dark Place.

    Its been two days only since Control has been announced, and I'm already losing my mind. When I started to put things in this perspective, everything fitted like a puzzle. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, time will only tell. But this level of coincidence doesn't happen.

    "Now I am become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds"

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    Also, sorry for any errors you may find, ive been trying to post this topic for almost 3 hours, but unfortunately I've encountered a lot of bugs that prevented me to do it sooner. I had to type all of this 5 times, I was almost giving up. ALSO, I'm on mobile, so... Yeah.

    Or is that what the Bureau wants me to think? Hmmm
    "Now I am become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds"


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      I've totally forgot that blog! Further more. I love you!

      I had the same problem.
      I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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        Amazing post! Thank you. We need this to be true.

        Couple of things:

        AWE is short for Bureau of Altered World Events, not Bureau of Control. But of course this could be some what easily explained. Their fields sound very similar.

        In QB's Return trailer, agents had FBI-badges (not FBC). But of course, this too could be easily explained.

        I have one ask for Sam...antha. Keep blogging please.
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          If it all fits just like that then we could expect Alan Wake to return around year 2021-ish perhaps(?) While development cycle could probably partly start during early 2019 or even late 2018!

          It think this is it, it may actually happen


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            Broh, you are playing with my emotions. I was skeptical at first, but this all makes soo much sense.
            Also, it's good you bring up that Monomyth again, since it is kinda forgotten. Personally, I thin AWAN is at least part of Initiation, but you might be correct too. Control could indeed be a good prequel to Alan Wake 2.

            Just imagine what RMD can do with Control. Like hiding the Samantha character in the game, and nobody would know who she is, except for us ultra-nerds. So much possibilities…
            I'm officially hyped.
            I've put the Imagination in its Place.


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              What if this 'building' is not a building but some kind of alien spacecraft which could be a plotpoint in the story.


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                Given the mentions of things like rituals and supernatural in the flavor text I think the source of the House is more magic than sci-fi. That said I think the enemy is extra-terrestrial (Maniac does not work for Remedy and knows nothing more about Control than you do)


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                  In fact, the Dark Place(TM) is an alternate Alien Dimension where ancient human tribes fight in super advanced mech suits for the control of what is left of planet earth.
                  Alan Wake 2 gon be gud.
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                    Originally posted by LSKzane
                    In fact, the Dark Place(TM) is an alternate Alien Dimension where ancient human tribes fight in super advanced mech suits for the control of what is left of planet earth. Alan Wake 2 gon be gud.
                    You forgot that they fight for the pleasure of their feline overlords! Mr scratch...Hiss...paw...and stinky breath!
                    I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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                      Don't be ridiculous man.
                      I've put the Imagination in its Place.


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                        AWE Confirmed!


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                          So basicly things that Bureau of Control searches and tries to control are altered objects or items, some of which may cause Altered World Events.

                          In Sam's blog, the bureau is clearly searching for the clicker (altered object?). The events of Alan Wake are probably catecorized as altered world event. AWAKE - AWE similarity supports this.

                          But the important question is. Did Alan wrote the Bureau to be? For his return, he would need a balanced story. Someone to look for him with enough resources and knowledge. Secret government organization which job is to deal with this stuff, why not?
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                            Interesting thought. I think that there already are people looking for him (->
                            I'm not sure, haven't played any Alan Wake-game for like 2 years, yeah yeah I know, sacrilege!
                            Didn't Alice (and Barry) call the police after Alan disappeared? I thought I read that in Clay Stewards Book, which, remind me if I'm wrong, is about the Writers' disappearance. So it is publicly known.

                            If that's true, it would make sense that the FBI is (already) searching for him, and the video from QB supports that.

                            Though, it only creates more question.
                            Can Alan alter the reality through his writing, or is it limited to the dark place? I always thought that it is his only tool to escape the dark place.
                            Did the Bureau of Altered World Events really visit Samantha to collect the Clicker? Where is Samantha, or the Clicker now?
                            Even more interesting: If the Clicker has been collected by the Bureau, shouldn't Bureau-Agents be able to travel to the dark place?

                            It'd be cool if RMD can hide a nice easter egg in one of the next Control Teasers. Like a shoebox, and we all would know…
                            I've put the Imagination in its Place.


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                              I don't think that the bureau is looking for Alan. I believe it's more about controlling the powers. That said they might have gone too deep and open a way to some dimension. Possibly, maybe dark place.
                              Did Alan write it? Maybe. There's so many things that could make it true.
                              I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary