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I think I might have found out one of the sources of inspiration for Control

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  • I think I might have found out one of the sources of inspiration for Control

    So, there's this British author of of books and short stories called Charles Stross, he has written many books and one of his main series deals with exploits of a clandestine Intelligence agency nested deep within the bureaucracy of the British Government, whose task is to investigate, categorize and neutralize paranormal threats to the United Kingdom and to provide operational aid to several other. The name of such agency, the unofficial cover name for it is the Capital Laundry Services, named after the fact that one of the main entrance to its main building is a laundromat, the agency itself was originally part of the British SOE, Q Section, created during WWII to combat occult threats posed by the Nazis, but its origins date back much longer ago.

    In this universe, humans can perform feats of magic that defy the laws of reality by "operating" certain forbidden and occult mathematical theorems within their minds, or computational devices, and the Laundry works (sometimes along with other international agencies) to suppress this knowledge and forcibly recruit into their ranks anyone who might stumble upon "the true nature of the universe", beyond that, it is also revealed that Earth sits smack dab in the middle of multiverse of hungry and alien extra-corporeal entities that wants to feed on our souls, so their agents work as to protect the world from these threats.

    If anyone is interested, the list below details the reading order of the Laundry Series's books and short stories.

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    This reminds me of the time I thought the Extreme Ghostbusters tangled with Alan Wake’’s threat (deadliners). Or when J.L. Picard’s ex gf’s now husband might have been working along the same theories explored in Quantum Break (we’ll always have paris). Never could get confirmation on those theories..


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      CONTROL is like Psi-Ops on steroids! I hope that when she is controlling other characters, we will have the option to keep the camera on her instead of switching to the other character, so we can see both her subtle movements as she controls the other character, and the other character. This way it will actually feel like she is in control of the character. If the camera just switches to the other character like it did in Psi-Ops, then it will feel like she has moved in to the other character, not so much like she is controlling him.