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    Yeah, I'm with Nya on this one.. I don't trust Epic Games so I don't want to use them, simple as that. Don't care if they exclusive every PC game released from now till doomsday, I will just find a different hobby to focus on. I feel sorry for people who feel like they have to get a game from a distributor they don't like, all because there's no choice. There's always a choice, and I choose to not support companies I don't trust, no matter what the enticement offered.


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      I hate this too. How do game devs NOT have a say in how their game is distributed? Isn't there some obvious way they can say, No, we're not doing that? I mean, they made the game, they should be able to just go, We are not going to let you have it to distribute if you decide to go that route.

      What am I missing here? Who in their right minds would let someone have their creation to just do with it how and what they want?


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        I'm not buying it on day-one for few reasons really: After Quantum Brake it's hard to be excited about CONTROL. I'm a bit curious about the story and theories it may have so I will try to watch a walkthrough on YouTube and see if it's something for me or not. We can always give it a go a year later on Penguin for 6.99USD


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          Originally posted by thermos View Post
          ...After Quantum Brake it's hard to be excited about CONTROL. ...
          Considering all the bad news surrounding the game I tend to agree.
          I think I was more excited to play Death Rally 2012 than Control.
          I've put the Imagination in its Place.