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    Hi there!

    It seems all developers are making their game cheaper on the Epic Store because of the lower rates Epic practices there. The division 2 is 43 USD, Metro exodus is 39.

    It looks like a really dick and greedy move to charge 60.

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    Exclusive to one store, now the publisher thinks they can charge whatever they want. Pure greed on behalf of the publisher. Shame Remedy got associated with them.


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      It's been going on a while, though. Just found out today, but back in 2015 Remedy started working on CrossFire HD and CrossFire 2's single-player component, because CrossFire was a HUGE success for Tencent Games. And is it just coincidence that Mike Capps, who was Epic Games' president, became one of Remedy Entertainment's board members back in 2013? I don't think Remedy cares at all for its players. I much preferred RE when it was small and made things for the players. Oh how the times change. :-(