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Feedback after playing Control at Pax East

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  • Feedback after playing Control at Pax East

    Here I would like to give my feedback for the demo I played at Pax East this past Sunday.
    1. Shooting/aiming feels good. Got relatively used to it in a matter of minutes.
    2. Minor frame rate issues at some parts but it's not the final product so I won't harp on this too much. (also Jesse's jacket was bugging out a bit)
    3. Hope to see a playable demo down the line, not only b/c I want to play again soon but I believe a demo can really help with confirming whether or not you want to purchase a game.
    4. Enemy design could either use different colors to stand out more, not just with the background but also to add some visual flare.
    5. I feel as though Jesse could use a different color scheme overall for her outfit or perhaps make her leather jacket & hair stand out more. Similar to how she looks in the cover art for the game, it would make her stand out more if her hair was more red and her coat had a bit of glimmer to it(refer to link I posted of the game art below)
    6. A upgrade that I believe would be a big step in the right direction is if while you are holding rubble you could also shoot with your other hand and if you press the button(which one escapes me), that allows you to switch the camera to a different side, you could switch which hand your gun is likewise with the rubble.
    7. It would be nice if the preorder for PS4 physical was the same as the digital.
    8. Thanks for the little Federal Bureau of Control Bag for when you beat the demo

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    oh hey thanks so much for the feedback! I'll make sure it's forwarded to the team!
    How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real


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      You're welcome. I want to see this game succeed so I want to give feedback as early as possible into development. Good luck to you all!


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        I also would like to give some constructive feedback now that it might still be useful. And also have to mention that I really like this game and will get it anyway. If feedback is any use for you, then that is what you shall get

        I was not at PAX and have not seen it live, but I have watched all possible content there is (many times), read propably all feedback and articles ect. There are a lot of positive points but I will not get to those (I already pre ordered so you got me already), so only something that would be cool if could be improved:

        -AI system feels a bit inaccurate. There might be enemies right next to Jesse and still they are missing when try to shoot her. (i.e. being inside a barn and still not hitting that barn)
        -Obvious framerate problems that many of those have mentioned that have played it in PAX. I understand it is still WIP, and you definately will optimize the game all the time.
        -Ray tracing does not have as big "wow" factor as it could. I understand it is just first generation live ray tracing and will be better in future. Computers are not yet up to date to use ray tracing fully. But, if you do demonstrate ray tracing again, then it would make bigger "wow" effect if you first show regular gameplay footage and just at some point turn ray tracing on. Before what you have done is that ray tracing is on and then you take it off for a short moment.
        -You have mentioned no photo mode at lauch. Also heard that it will propably be updated after launch, so that is good.
        -You also have mentioned no NG+ at launch, and I have not heard anything about it being updated later. If you have plans to make NG+ then I have idea how to make it worth to play control at least second time. ..that is, I know in Control you are able to throw bodies but I am not sure if you can throw living enemies? If not, then how about in the beginning of NG+ you could unlock the ability to throw also living enemies? That would be so cool to just go and rampage the game through second time (almost "godmode"). AND also I have read a lot of opinions that people would like to get more abilities than what you have demonstrated. In NG+ you could go wild and give Jesse all kinds of powers that don't make sense in first playthrough. How about Max Payne style slow motion shooting? Or give Jesse a flashlight to fight the enemy
        -This one is a small thing but would be cool.. Always in shooter games the main charachter has his/her weapons in right hand. But there are a lot of lefties that would like to have weapons in left hand also.. Bigger matter in FPS games but anyway..
        -Last thing is Jesses shield ability. Can you consider that power to not be available if no rubble/chairs/clocks are nearby? It is somewhat distrubing that Jesse pulls stones out of ground and the ground is still intact. What you could do is:
        1) pulling rubble out of ground makes holes to ground/wall from where rubble is taken,
        2) shield not available if no rubble/chairs ect. available. You have to shoot pillars/walls/ground to get some destruction and then you could use that debris
        3) shield not available at all if no objects nearby
        ..and also if enemy shoots your shield and for example destroys boulders Jesse is using as shield -> those boulders should actually brake and disappear. (Saw gameplay footage where it looked like someone shooting jesses shield and nothing happened to it even there were shrapnels in the air as enemy shot shield.)


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          Unintentionally I was looking for Alan Wake easter eggs.