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Why have the PC requirements gone down ?

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  • Why have the PC requirements gone down ?

    I would like to know from Remedy why the PC requirements have gone down. One theory is of course that the graphics have been downgraded. But Remedy officials have officially stated that the graphics have not been downgraded. If the graphics quality have not been downgraded, how come the PC requirements have gone down ? Can Remedy please provide and official statement as to why the PC requirements have gone down so close to the release of this game ?

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    Remedy have only released one set of requirements, the latest ones. It is not uncommon for games to have placeholder requirements (check out the weird requirements for John Wick Hex on the Epic store for another example). Plus optimization is largely done very close to release.

    Perhaps an intern made a mistake, perhaps they decided to set resolution downscaling as default (as they used on Quantum Break partly as an artistic choice, not forced obviously), who knows, but I don't see how it would matter. We have a lot of recent footage of the game running on a high end computer, and there is no reason to think the game wont look as good as that on release of you have the hardware for it, nor that they've removed working tech.
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      'an intern made a mistake' is such an incredible line of reasoning to me. interns work very hard!

      the only official system requirements have been released on remedy and control's official channels. nothing's been downgraded.
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        Thanks vidaisonline. Can I also confirm that there is no auto up-scaling happening like it was with Quantum Break at release and that everything on PC is rendered at proper native resolution once the resolution is chosen from the menu ?