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    I'm finding the boss fights to be a little over the top.

    It took me quite a few tries to get past Sandoval and now I have 2 other boss fights (the Refrigerator and the Pit). My big issue with the Refrigerator is I almost always end up falling through a hole in the floor since I have trouble keeping track of the spacial awareness since the camera doesn't really show the floor immediately around me.

    I will be the first to agree that at least 50% of it is I just kinda suck but it is what it is.


    • thanatopsis
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      Just wait until you fight that same creature again, in the flamingo fight, or whatever it was. I thought the fridge was tough at first, but it was nothing like the second time. At least those are side missions. Although like I've said, you have to do some side mission in order to make it through the main story.
      I've made it through the main game and most of the side missions, and I suck, so technically isn't isn't that difficult. But it required more time than I expected, and although it was fun, it wasn't 25 hours fun. It was more like 10 hours fun and I want the other 15 hours of my life back.

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    I agree. Between the endless enemy waves and the ridiculously hard boss fights (and the checkpoint system), I sometimes feel like I'm playing Dark Souls with guns. I think an easier difficulty level for people who are more interested in story and exploration, not hard-as-nails combat, would be a good idea.


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      I have been thinking for a while. I think theer is a reason why some studios are A-Tier that keep producing graet game, & some developers are B-Tier like remedy, & its not just size & budget but details & decision making. Look at most of the major acclaimed hits, like God of war, spider-man, Red dead 2. None of them are particluraly tough (at normal), but there are areas with faie bit of challenge, like the Dragon fight in God of war, or the car chase sequence in Uncharted 4.

      What they all manage to do, is understand how to provice challenge, while reduce frastration. Its really simple, having checkl point before a though action sequence (boos fight or hatd platforming), & intermidiate checkpoints for long action sequence. Also they almost aways ahve very fast reloading after deat, so you won't get pissed starring at the loading screen,

      You would have thought what I said is no brainer, yet many B-tier devs just ignore the obvious. Darksider 3 was criticized heavily for lack of check points, epecially before tough boss fight, whic they patched later. YOu would have thoughts others would have learned their lesson, aparently not.


      • SirBill
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        I thought the Valkyrie fights in the last God Of War were really hard, the Valkyrie arena far worse than even the mushroom guy in Control... the only difference to my mind between level of quality in God Of War and Control, was that God of War had more content. I enjoyed playing through Control more than I did God Of War, and I liked the story in Control more as well.

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      Remedy a 'B-Tier Developer'? Is this how you get triggered on the Internet?
      Oh boy I better get out of here fast.

      ps: Most AAA Games are way too easy and Darksiders 3 was awesome.
      I've put the Imagination in its Place.


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        Beat the game. Final thoughts

        I don't think the game is harder than other games (except for a few nasty boss fights), in the way I think it is intended. Enemies barely connect their hits & in most areas, you have room to take cover. Launch, fully upgrade can one-shot most folks except for a few big brutes. But boy, do the enemies hit like a truck when they hit. 2 hits from rockets/explosion/mold thing in a row & thats it, & I upgraded fully my health as well as wearing + life mod.

        I barely died in combat, but what makes it 'hard', is you can't afford many mistakes, & certainly not in a row. Also, there are many sessions, especially towards the end of the game where they kept throwing wave & wave of enemies at you from sector to sector without any checkpoints. It makes the gameplay for me very stressful.
        Some areas like the maze (which I wouldn't spoil for people) is amazing where the interior keep shifting & changing, totally out of the world, but they keep throwing some much enemies from one sector to another, & when you thought after a tough wave battle, they will let you finish the platforming (or a much need control point) , but no, they keep throwing, even more, hiss enemies at you until the end. The stress took away what would be a great session. Had the game has intermediate save points, that would have made gameplay more comfortable.

        Another is the long as s cable ride. The ride is after a long travel session include the oceanview session which ends with a (you guessed it) shooting gallery at the end. After beating the wave, which isn't that hard ( but the thought having to go 15 mins back to redo again make it stressful), you have to take a very long cable car ride. During the ride, I was thinking, if I died before I hit the next control point, I probably ragequit the game. Surely there is a control point at the end of the ride? There isn't. Thankfully, after a bit more distance covered, there is a control point. But the whole session felt a bit stressful.

        I do not mind games being hard. I do sometimes play games on hard mode, even decently hard games like Darksider 3. It is not an issue, especially when I know what I am getting into. I do however dislike restarting after a death that takes me back 20mins or longer ago.
        Also, I think many people don't expect this game to be harder than they thought. Narrative driven games normally are pretty chill.

        I still love the game, & never regret paying full price for it. I give it an 8/10. Points knocked off for mainly the poor checkpoints system, as well as the inconclusive ending.

        Plus points for the combat & the visuals, & my god, the graphics, especially the lighting, & I ran without RTX, which looks even more amazing! Launch never gets old, & dodge is a far superior & elegant tactic than the comical roll (that make you feel like a panda). Flying is awesome.

        Improvement areas:
        Mods can be more creative than bigger numbers. The rarest mods (V) should have some added effect like when you shield, you gain 5% health/ sec. or a kill with a weapon, you gain 30% more damage with launch (along these lines). Same with skill tree, more interesting effect, other than bigger numbers. Melee attack having bigger AoE or knockback would be awesome & added more variety to gameplay.

        Exploration/puzzle could be much more. A shame, with ability like launch & levitation, puzzle & exploration are restricted to sticking power boxes to wall sockets, & some basic platforming.

        Multiple difficulties mode: e.g narrative/easy/norma/hard/very hard.

        NG+ suggest add 2 more slots to weapons & character, & higher tier of mods.


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          Who are all these people complaining about difficulty? I've got 4th access level. Don't know what will be next but all previous battles weren't so difficult as everyone moans! Yes, some fights were tough but I won after some tries. Can't fight close - max your gun and shoot from distance. Really I can't say that the game is harder then QB/AW/MP! As for me Field Scene fight in Alan Wake was way harder than any fight I expirienced in Control till now. Git gud, jeez!


          • SlashCo
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            Did you fight all the bosses yet? Especially the Mold, Tommassi (2nd time), etc. I'll be curious if you still think it's too easy after those.

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          The mold boss is completely ridiculous. It makes me vomit on the entire game actually.


          • Kiadaw
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            Yes, the mold boss is BS. Not only it is very strong. You need to navigate a cave maze with high damage mold monsters before getting to it.

          • SirBill
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            Kiadaw : To get to the mold boss after you die (and you will die) you can just run past all of the mold creatures on the way down, starting from the "Active Threshold" checkpoint. Back to the mold boss in about 20 seconds. I think maybe the mold boss is one you are really supposed to do fully powered up, like after you finish the main game...

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          I would like to also request an easier mode. This has been so frustrating to die over and over and have to go back 15 minutes in the game to get back to the boss fight where I die again and again. It reminds me of Bloodbourne. Great for hard core gamers, but a frustrating exercise for the rest of us.

          If lowering the difficulty offends you, then consider an easier mode to mean more save points and allow you to grind at the point you died.

          And please, please , please do something about the long load times between deaths on PS4. It adds to the frustration.
          Thank you!


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            So, I'm 6 level already. Hardest fights were before getting levitation and with Anchor. I use machinegun upgraded with damage and rapid fire. It easily killed refrigerator monster. My main tactics is to break shield with throws and then to shoot with machinegun, while energy is restoring. Machinegun is really deadly.


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              I gotta agree, this game should have either an easier difficulty level, or some careful rebalancing.

              At first I was frustrated with the difficulty of even the normal encounters, and how especially rockets seemingly homed on you even if you tried evading them. In the beginning a single rocket hit took you immediately to red and usually resulted in death after another stray bullet hit you. But after upgrading health these normal encounters become a bit easier and I didn't mind them that much. However, the longer fights get super stressful, as death is never more than one or two mistakes away. No way to heal or regenerate health (except in the case you're down to 1 hp, you can gain a tiny blip by retreating, but this is way too slow to be useful) and too little usable cover adds to the stress, as you can't really take a break from the fights.

              The biggest frustration with me so far however has been the bosses. All of the boss encounters and especially the optional (thank god) side bosses have been complete horsepoo. The main story bosses throw stuff at you so hard you're dead if you peek out of your cover for a moment (this is before you get shield) and the optional bosses are just as bad, but they also make the ground disappear under you or turn it into a minefield, or something else - I haven't got the stomach to try the other bosses. I attribute getting through the bosses simply to luck and not to skill. Evading boss attacks don't seem to work. Their attacks track you like the rockets.

              And then there's just some very unfair things like the mold ball shooting things. You enter an area in the game and find something hitting you, taking 80 % of your health away. In the time it takes you to figure out it's something on the opposite end of the area 100 meters out, BAM, a second mold ball comes your way and you're dead.

              Adding to the frustrating with the frequent deaths are the loading times (my experience with the PS4 Pro version) and the distance from the control point back to where you were.

              My suggestions:

              - Tone down the tracking of rockets and boss attacks. Make them easier to evade.
              - Make the health regenerate a tiny bit constantly, or maybe allow healing by using your energy. This would reduce the stress build-up in the longer fights, as you would have some way of regaining health when it's on the red and the nearest element pickup is behind a sea of new wave of enemies.
              - Reduce the damage taken from items launched at you. The flying enemies are hard to hit and make a ton of damage.
              - Checkpoints closer to bosses.


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                And then there's just some very unfair things like the mold ball shooting things. You enter an area in the game and find something hitting you -

                So don't fly to the center of area! Look from the corner. Be careful. Use sniping tool. And take MOUSE instead GAMEPAD!


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                  The game feels to me like they didn't have the budget to create enough actual "game play" and instead inserted time consuming design such as the Control Point save system along with obnoxious one-hit-and-dead boss fights that require multiple trips from these control points, fighting through enemies many times just get back to the boss again. Many times I end up feeling like a fool for the hours I have spent NOT playing new engaging well designed in-game content but instead retracing my steps, re-defeating respawning enemies and facing obnoxious bosses. I love the core gameplay for the most part but the issues I mentioned draw my overall enjoyment way down, replaying will not be high on my list of "fun" things to do.


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                    So, at last I faced Molded Plant. And... Killed it in 5 tries.
                    The biggest problem was blowing plants. The boss almost never hit me. It's a pity I didn't make a video...


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                      Lol, your Tomassi died in 4 tries ))

                      Yes, this guy was tough. Firstly he was killing me in two minutes.
                      My strategy was - to fly to highest bridge. Now we can fight. His attack - two deadly throws. Use shield to avoid them. Then rush all your power at him - throws and machinegun with damage and shield piercing upgrades, but keep some energy to creat another shield. That's all. That motherf@#er died right at next try. I recorded some video - will upload it soon.


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                        Almost forgot - I used shield perk too.