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[SPOILERS] Ending and general story discussion

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  • [SPOILERS] Ending and general story discussion

    As this is a new game, I can't find any kind of explanation or discussion online yet about the game's story and its "conclusion" so I thought I'd start one here.

    Plenty of spoilers ahead obviously. Do not read/participate if you haven't beaten the game.

    So unless I'm being stupid, it seems that the story is very open to interpretation and is not really explained even when you beat the game. I still don't really know the answer to a lot of questions like:
    • Is any of this real or is it all in someone's head?
    • We see Dylan is in a coma at the end, so is this all actually a dream while he's in a coma?
    • Are Jesse and Dylan the same person?
    • Are Jesse/Dylan and the old director Trench the same person?
    • Do the hiss and the board represent something else?
    • Does the oceanside hotel have any real significance?
    • Does hedron/polaris represent something else?
    I have loads more questions but those are just a few that spring to mind.

    My initial thought was that maybe Dylan is in a coma and this is all playing out in his head, and perhaps things going on around him in the hospital are influencing his "dream". Like the janitor that cleans up around him, and his doctor might be Dr Casper Darling which is why he's a prominent figure in the game. Perhaps the bureau represents his brain, and the hiss represents a tumour.

    I don't know, I could be way off but I'm really interested to hear other people's opinions and interpretations.

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    Oh also one big question I have is did Jesse or Dylan actually kill director Trench? At the end it seems to be hinted at, when she's shown pointing the gun at him and says something like "I should have seen it sooner, that it was my mess to clean up from the start". Then we also briefly see Dylan shoot him... but we see so many different versions of that scene I've no idea what to believe


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      Did they explain at all how the whole start setting happened? Jesse just walked in and is treated as the new Director, and she seems not to know anything about it but just plays along. Seems like one of the fundamental weird things in the story that was not addressed. What was up with that?


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        yeah that was one of the things I wanted explaining too. One of the NPCs even hinted at how convenient it is that she showed up just when the hiss did, and that they couldn't understand how she got in. That's one of the things that got me thinking maybe its all a dream or something like that

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      Both Jessie and Dylan were warned about the Hiss infection (presumably around the time Trent was infected and Darling started work on the Hadron amplifiers) - Dylan, unable to do anything and already pretty broken is driven mad by the "voice in his head" - which opens him to the Hiss. While Jessie tells her psychiatrist where to get off and b-lines for New York and the Oldest House.
      It's heavily hinted that Polaris got her inside the Oldest House. Although I think Arti might have been somewhat involved - he doesn't seem to be have any problems getting around, and he did "recruit" her "as his assistant". We all know there's more going on with him than meets the eye. Personally, I think his the embodiment/avatar of the Board/Oldest House.

      As to everyone knowing about her being director and all the photo's changing right off the bat. I initially put it down to the "magic" surrounding the OH and the Director position. But thinking about it, maybe there's some non-linearity going on, or maybe loss of time. Even in-game, taking everything at face value, we don't know how long Jessie was in the office after she picked up the Service Weapon.
      Or could everything between her picking up the gun and appearing in the office dressed as the director in the final mission be a physiological between her and the Service Weapon.

      Personally, I don't like the idea of the whole thing being a dream - it kind of neuters the character development we see. Not that it isn't an interpretation that works, it's just not one I like.
      Overall I'm tempted to take the story (or the elements we're shown/told about) at face value. Jessie and Dylan find the projector, release some evil, one of the school mates turns into a dog, Polaris helps them turn it off, Jessie burns all the slide bar one (Slide 36 - the one to Polaris's world), the FBC shows up takes the projector and Dylan. Darling and Trent go through Slide 36 where Trent gets infected by the Hiss and Darling gets imprinted by Polaris/Hadron (similar to the way Jessie and Dylan did?). Some time later Polaris leads Jessie to the OH where she becomes director and does all the stuff we see in the game, bar the apparently in her head stuff during the final mission.

      Maybe Jessie, Dylan and Trent's minds were merged through their link with the Hiss, which is why their experiences merge, Trent breaks free just long enough to kill himself, Jessie (with Polaris's help) breaks free and regains control, while Dylan rejects reality in favour of the Hiss (only using the finger-gun gesture).

      The Motel is clearly some sort of "Way" that links realities, the other doors lead to other worlds. We know the inverted pyramid leads to the OH and it's suggested the spiral door leads to Alan Wake's "Dark Place". The hotel is also pretty malleable both by Arti and Jessie. Maybe it's something that exists outside of all realities. I wouldn't be surprised to see them use it to link to "new worlds" for the expansions or potential sequels. The idea of "alternate realities" seems fairly new to the FBC - they didn't have any concept of anywhere other than "here" and the astral plane before the Ordenary incident. So I can see that being explored more. I wonder if Jessie would risk a trip back to Poalirs's world?

      There were two whiteboards that were rather interesting. Both describe dreams a person had. One talks about the inverted pyramid, and a red pyramid that appears beneath it making an hourglass. This sounds analogous to the conflict between the Hiss and the Board. The other talks of nine (I think) men who wore golden helmets and were granted great power over reality and the worlds. It feels very much like a creation myth. At the time it felt a little like an Alan Wake reference (Thomas Zane and diving suite), but that only accounts for one of them. Maybe 9 beings each with their own reality. Polaris/Hadron, the Board, the Hiss, Zane? Arti? That would leave four we haven't seen yet. Also there were 9 slides (FBC recovered 8 (I think) and Trent took another) with the projector. We know one lead to Polaris, and one lead to the Hiss (I wonder if the slide being partially burned distorted the Hiss, corrupting them in some way?), maybe the nine helmets are linked to the nine worlds joined by the projector.

      Also in one of the Ordinary interview files, the dump is described as taking on a different configuration allowing Jessie and Dylan to go deeper than normal, which makes me wonder if the dump had some of the properties of the oldest house. Maybe from the slide projector, or maybe something even then reaching out to manipulate the world and bring about the events of the game.

      Do you think Dylan bound the slide projector?

      Anyway that's all I've got for now...


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        Okay, so I just re-found the "Golden helmet" whiteboard (it's in communications on the way to the mail room) and there's no mention of a specific number of wearers, but my other theories would still pretty much track with it.

        For anyone who's interested, here's a transcription of the text:
        "Somewhere along the line things wend weird. No one was sure how this happened, whether it was something caused by someone or something, or if it just happened by itself. There were a lot of stories, everyone had a theory of how it had happened, of which maybe the weirdest, and perhaps only fittingly singled out here, was the talk about a strange golden space helmet that someone had found and a secret research project to replace and manufacture those helmets. It was said that the helmet opened a way to another place, different from this one, but whether that other was actually a place or just something that came over you when you were wearing the helmet, now one knew, not even the scientists in charge of the project. In any case, or so the myth went, the helmets, or the people trying them on brought the other closer to here, and things got weird. Things that people had learned to take for granted, like technology and physics, and religions, and time, and stuff, just stopped working like the used to, stopped all together, or became something different. There were lots of Accidents and terrible catastrophes at first, and most people die and disappeared, and in some places it rained flowers and in others blood, and sometimes the other was very close and everything rippled and warped as something big in the other passed close by, and something it was even almost like the old times. In time people adjusted and adapted, and learned to use the new things and laws to fix some of the old, but mostly, as time went by, people just forgot that thing had ever been different, and the weird became normal. Everyone, at least everyone who believed in the myth, thought that the golden helmets and those who wore them were bad, and they seemed to have a point, for those in the golden helmets, even while they were hardly ever seen anymore, were often, on those rare occasions, doing bad things. Luckily, the other gave many people strange abilities, and a few heroes rose to fight the bad things. And there were lots of these bad things, and lots of good things as well, but now even more than before the other, things were ambiguous and never simple or clear, and people rarely could tell the good from the bad. In any case, things went on, and it was almost never boring."


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          Ramblings of the Oldest House

          The thoughts, the secrets we keep locked up inside. The sorrow. The pain. The things that ultimately consumes our mind and paralyzes, twists the reality to our own machinations. Keep looking for excuses to shut everyone outside. Friends, family. Leading to the paranoia of thinking everyone's against you, or are just faking friendliness and kindness to some nefarious purpose. You build up walls higher and higher the more time goes on. The voice in your ear constantly telling "truisms". The Hiss. It's a spiral staircase down to madness, it's a new normal. The longer you keep everything inside, the deeper down the sinking spiral you go. These truths eventually compresses our thought patterns. Poisons the body and soul. In this case the Oldest House is also recipient through some entanglement with relation to the director...and the service weapon.

          The hole in the room is a hole in you. You invited us.

          "The only person you should fail is yourself". Trench kept everything to himself. He didn't want anyone too close emotionally. Especially Dylan. If only Trench had the courage to allow himself to have a relationship with Dylan, maybe things would have turned in a differently. Maybe not. The loss of his daughter is still an burned image in his mind. He still feels it and he doesn't want to feel that anymore, but losing that feeling is losing her. It's all mixed up and crazy. And letting someone in just another potential for pain and sadness. So he chooses to keep the pain of his daughter.

          Communication is a powerful tool. There's a side mission where you talk to some plants. (those dirty rotten conniving scoundrels!) That are healed by talking to them. There's also studies that show playing music to plants have positive results. At least I remember something in the vein of that. That leads to the question did Jesse benefit from talking to the therapist? Even though she felt like she wasn't really been listened to, or rather believed in. Or was Polaris, her guiding star, what kept her from falling? It's very difficult to climb out without an outside intervention. Even though we have to do the work. That guiding light is very essential for survival. Sometimes we need someone to guide us away from the bad thought patterns, but that light is still within ourselves. It's just buried underneath the pile.

          Music for some reason is capable of awaking strong emotions. in theory it's just frequencies, but the right notes can make you feel sad, angry, happy. With that said, It's strange that the music in the top floor of the Research Department causes levitation. What I mean is. That music in some ways is very unmusical. The band...Soap?? If I remember correctly. Goes out of it's way to play "the wrong notes". I don't know how to put it. It's like they don't want to play "right". It's a very weird piece of music and that's what evokes levitation. Strange....

          As a Janitor myself or custodial if you will. Yes, the soul of every building is the Janitor. they are synonymous. You don't necessarily see us, pay any attention to us. Without us you drown in your own shit, and that's a fact. Perkele! Clean house equals clear mind, no way around that. Cheers for the representation Remedy!

          How on earth did Trench become the Director. He didn't even really want the job! It all stinks I tells you! Was it, well there's no one else soo....the Board says Ay. Oh well......

          Oh yeah! In short, I think Trench manifested the Hiss into the burned slide. Yes he was infected in the other slide 36, but dimensional frequencies don't give a damn. You just need a hole in the room and house will soon be overrun by bad mojo, and the hole is Trench and the floodgates is the burned slide that represents the death of his daughter.

          I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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            Remember when Dylan tells you this?

            My sister had this dream.[3.25-4.75]A bad dream.[6.48-9.23]And the whole world was dreaming with her. [0.03-2.77]She'd convinced herself that she was awake.[4.06-6.11]She's always been stubborn.[8.25-10.41]I knew I had to end her dream.[11.38-13.03]I had to wake her up.[14.27-18.99]I had to rip down the poster she'd been staring at.[20.68-22.30]Cut off her eye lids...[22.55-26.75]to make her see, to save her.

            The thing about the game is, if you aren't paying attention you can pass over dialog that can be quite shattering. Just like how in Quantum Break it is painfully easy to see that all the "lore" you're learning is misdirection, there is a large amount of writing room in Control. They can change all of reality on you with a single word and make it seem as if it was always planned.

            Control is the introduction to a much bigger and more powerful story, you can see it peeping through the crevices as you play.

            But this is a soap opera, so you have to either speculate or wait for the canon to be released.


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              This as a theory is way out there, but..... It's kind of fun...and meta?

              I had this thought about Control being a Alan Wake story. This gets pretty Jungian so....

              Alan Wakes ego was growing with fame. The person he portraits to the world becomes overbearing and out of control.
              I see Zechariah Trench as Alan's ego, that he kills in his story. Trench shows outside only the outside or surface. A strong ego. Making room for Anima the femine subconscious or by word definition soul, life. Jesse Faden. There's probably more subconscious archetypes within this debacle, but anywho...
              I know that Animus is maybe viewed as woman's male subconscious, but it's so fitting that the word definition for Animus is strong dislike or enmity hostile attitude; animosity. Or maybe Dylan represent the destroyed male image of ego. There's this redefining process happening. Getting more acquainted with the shadowself the subconscious.

              This is more like a silly, fun thought than anything else.

              But more into my first post. The altered items. They also seem to have this longing for attention, like they just need a friend in a weirdest possible way. Through out this game there's is some connection, communication undertone. Depression the videogame.

              Almost forgot! In one of the board hotlines the Hiss was described as Hiss/static. That got me thinking static is not getting a signal, not connecting. Unable to connect.....but for people it's essential. I don't know, I've lost the thought process.

              Ok. That enough coo coo for now.....
              I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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                Finished the for the second time. I mean hell.... I can so relate to Dylan and Trench...where the F is my Polaris. Yeah, It's God damn. Shit.... Fuck me I guess! Happy go lucky good times!!
                I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary