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Textures Seem to Give Up Loading

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  • Textures Seem to Give Up Loading

    I'm playing on a Ryzen 7 3700X and Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, Windows 10 64-bit. My game is installed on a Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD. Almost all settings are on Ultra, Ray Tracing is turned off (DX12 mode).

    This is happening in almost any new room that I enter - the ground textures just seem to give up loading on the lowest quality; I'm running with Ultra Texture Quality at 4K resolution. When I go into settings and change the Texture Quality, they do finally load at that point, but when I go to a new room I'll have to repeat.

    When I die, my character also respawns with super low quality hair and jacket textures. The screenshot from the link was taken after standing doing nothing for over a minute after respawning.

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    Apologies on the image link -


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      Same with my game, RTX 2060, no one cares, no response from anyone, not any info about patch fixing this. Seen two other guys here with this issue also.
      I send a report to the bug collector and I'm going to play Gears of war in two days. Not playing Control at this state. Feeling disappointed.


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        Same here with the same card, contacted support, they said it was my card causing the problem and that the settings are too high for my system, even though according to your system requirements page my system exceeds the recommended requirements.


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          I think I'm suffering from this issue as well.

          DirectX 12 version of the game, Windows 10, NVidia RTX 2060. Playing at 4k with render resolution set to 1080p.
          I recorded a video demo of the problem and posted it. I don't think there are any spoilers in this video (beyond perhaps the names of a few locations, I'm still not that far into the game).

 (view in HD to really see the problem).


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            Exactly the same issue here, but ONLY in 4K (UI and rendering).

            RTX 2080 Super (driver 436.30 (also ran on 436.15))
            Ryzen 2600 (OCd 4.2Ghz)
            16GB 3200Mhz
            EVO Plus M.2
            B450 Pro mobo
            Windows 10 (up to date 100%)

            Settings Control:
            Graphics: High
            RTX: Medium

            All DX 12 games run without texture load probs, EXCEPT Control. When textures are fully loaded, changing a room or running around in a large one => textures loose sharpness and look blurry. Going into settings and back, wait a few seconds and they will load back (like AZRoboto described).

            I'd like to emphasize all goes well in UI 4K and rendering <4K (DLSS on/off). So why don't I play in rendering mode 1440p or 1080p? Because the difference in 4K rendering is night and day in details and sharpness. Control looks stunningly beautiful when rendered in 4K.

            Hopefully they can fix this with an update, since the cause lies in the game itself.


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              Could a representative from Remedy confirm whether or not this has been accepted by dev as a bug and scheduled for fixing in an upcoming patch? Assuming "Yes" would it be too much to ask for an ETA?

              I've been through the support process with it and support can't see anything wrong, directing me to report it via the tracker, but there's no response from that.

              I've temporarily put Control down for now and I'm playing through some other games. I would like to be able to pick it up again sometime soon, though.