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  • Missing ending content

    I finished the game and from what I am reading I should get 2 hotline videos and a photograph (Multimedia: the Future, Multimedia: Endless Grind, Research and Records: Director Faden Photograph) but I did not get them. Other people on Reddit had the same problem (spoiler warning obviously):

    Is this a known problem and will it be fixed in the patch ?

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    Just finished the game yesterday on PS4 (post-patch) and ran into a similar problem.

    As the credits began rolling and the "Take Control" trophy notification popped up, I hit the PS4 button to pull up the trophy list, curious to see what percentage of players had finished the game so far. When I went back to the game, I was dropped in post-credits with Jesse standing in the Director's Office in her new suit... except the credits music was still playing, and I didn't receive the two hotline videos or Director Faden Photograph. I only knew I was missing them because I looked up a YouTube video of the credits to make sure I wasn't going to miss an extra cutscene or something.