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How long is "Very Soon?"

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  • How long is "Very Soon?"

    So of course i realize all the different platforms have different standards for accepting and updating games, but i just wanted to see if anyone knew how long "Very Soon" is for the updates to come to Xbox? I absolutely love this game and even despite the sometimes unplayable frame rates I have still made it quite far, and even past those black pulsating balls even the frames are gone if its anywhere near you at all. I guess its made things a more challenging experience. But again this game has brought out my love of video games more than any other in a long long time to the point where i will realize I've been sitting in one chair for 5 hours and even though i tell myself to get up I start to get up but see a door I haven't been through and bam there goes another hour. But I digress, any updates on when this will be updated on Xbox One?

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    If I were to guess the delay is because Microsoft's team has to certify the patch.


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      If we're lucky my wild guess would be next tuesday.