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  • Performance is a disaster

    I got this game with my 2080ti purchase I and have to say this is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. No matter what I try 4k no rtx 2k medium rtx 1080p full rtx, the performance is just consistently terrible Ive tried three different drivers on a brand new w10 1903 install. Specs are 3600 ryzen gigabyte x570 aurous master, evga xc ultra 2080ti, 16gb trident z mem, sea sonic focus + gold 650w psu. I have 15 games on my system and this is the only one that I cannot run. Constant crashes horrible frame time spikes and nothing I do fixes it. I tried but this is a dumpster fire I have no idea why this is being touted as the goto rtx experience as the textures are just terrible and blurry and the aforementioned performance issues. Its to bad as the game play and story seem really good, enough so to make me waste my time posting this rant thread, but as a veteran pc gamer this is unacceptable performance from NVIDIA and remedy.

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    That's really weird, I'm playing 1080p on a Windows 10 Professional box (also running 1903) (16GB nVidia GTX 1050ti driver 436.15) with medium settings, never had a crash and my performance has been decent. My CPU is extremely different than yours though (Intel i7-6700).

    You might want to upload your DxDiag result.


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      I want to add alt tabbing out and back halves the fps as well. Just tried 436.30 and no crash in 30 minutes but the frame spikes are all over the place. Playing at 1080p with rtx on high frames locked at 60 but the spikes make it a terrible experience. I am not going to upload my dxdiag unless theres a response from the dev as I believe they know theres a problem with the game.


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        This forum is players helping players (no devs here, at least not in the open), you should probably contact support: (You'll need to login/create a support account, upper right - to submit a ticket.)

        You can also contact them on Discord

        (The link for submitting bugs is )