Below are the Frequently asked questions relating to the new re-release of Death Rally for Windows. More questions and answers may be added.

What is Death Rally?

Death Rally is Remedy's first released game, from 1996, from the era when a Pentium 150 MHz was top of the line hardware. It's a top-down racing game with weapons, where the goal is to win races, upgrade your car, and no trick is too dirty in the quest to beat everyone else to the checkered flag.

Why did you decide to re-release Death Rally?

The old DOS version has been a bit tricky to get to run on modern PCs, requiring emulation software and other trickery. An amazing Finnish programmer was a fan of the game and wanted to ease that pain for people. We saw no reason to not do it. And as we think the game is still fun and enjoyable (at least in the nostalgic way), we wanted to release it for free.

Where can I download Death Rally?

You can always download the latest version of the game on the official site:

How much is it?

The game is FREE!

What platforms does Death Rally run on?

The game has been tested on the following Windows based Operating Systems:

Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The game may work on older Windows versions but it has not been tested.

What are the System Requirements for Death Rally?

Death Rally for Windows is a light-weight game, and should run well with different hardware configurations and PCs. If your PC runs any other games you should be OK. It has been tested to run e.g. on Intel Atom-based netbooks. Sound card and OpenGL support are recommended, but neither is absolutely required.

What are the controls?

Default controls are: Arrow keys for throttle, breaking and steering. Left Shift for turbo boost, Control key to shoot and left ALT key for mines. Space to honk the horn. These can be configured from the menu.

How come Multiplayer is not in the game?

Unfortunately one of the best aspects of Death Rally, multiplayer, is not available in this release. It was built for the modem and IPX network era, and would have needed a full rewrite. That was sadly out of the scope on what we could do with this free release.

Is it OK to add a download mirror site for the game?

We would love you to link to for file downloads rather than mirroring the file yourselves. This way we can ensure e.g. patches get distributed everywhere and old versions are not being shared.

Is it OK to distribute the DOS version of Death Rally?

No. Death Rally is not "abandonware" and Remedy has only made the Windows re-release free according to the license agreement included in the installation package. Distributing the full DOS version is illegal.