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  • Rocket fuel

    I'm having problem with rocket fuel. I can buy it but it doesn't work in the race.
    I'm not able to finish the game (win the last race) because of these.

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    Re: Rocket fuel

    Do you know it works with the "turbo"? And there's a limited amount of it. But it replenishes slowly, so you can often see at least a flash of "rocket fuel" at the back of your car. Or get the "thunder icon" on the race to fill it.

    Are you playing with a joystick or with the keyboard?
    It uses only 4 buttons, maybe you didn't mapped the turbo... take out the brakes, you don't need it.

    If you're playing with the keyboard, notice that sometimes there's a problem with simultaneous pressing of a number of keys. Not only with this game, with many games that uses a lot of keys at the same time (moving with the arrow keys, shooting with another and using turbo with another one generally can block one of the arrow keys, for example...)


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      Re: Rocket fuel

      I checked my keyboard settings again and ..... it was my fault. Everything is working how it should. I must be blind. Thanks