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how do i run windowed

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  • how do i run windowed

    title says it all

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    Re: how do i run windowed

    Ripped straight from the Readme we included in the release:
    Command Line Options

    Death Rally can be started with the following command line options (to add them, right click the Death Rally Icon, select Properties and add the command line as the last entry on the Target line.
    By default the game uses OpenGL output in desktop resolution. This option disables OpenGL and uses the software renderer. Use if you have compatibility problems and/or don't have OpenGL drivers for your graphics card, or in rare cases encounter performance issues (e.g. you have a very large desktop resolution and very slow graphics card).

    Starts the game in windowed mode. Alt+Enter toggles between full screen and windowed mode.

    Enables bilinear filtering for the race mode (off by default). F12 can be used to toggle filtering on/off.

    Disables music and sound effects.
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