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  • PC Classic DOSbox Multiplayer

    Here's instructions how to play in Death Rally Multiplayer using DOSbox and via Hamachi network

    1. Download and unpack the full version of the game (find somwhere around the internet )

    2. Download and install the DOSbox (

    3. Download and install Hamachi (

    4. Download this post attachment ( and
    1) Unpack dosbox.conf into the DOSbox directory
    2) Unpack dr.cfg into the game directory

    5. Make shortcuts for DOSbox like this (paths may be changed)
    1) Client:
    "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.73\dosbox.exe" "C:\Games\Death Rally\rally.exe" -exit -c "ipxnet connect"
    IP should be changed to Hamachi network IP of a guy who creates the server.
    2) Server:
    "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.73\dosbox.exe" "C:\Games\Death Rally\rally.exe" -exit -c "ipxnet startserver"
    NOTICE: in game doesn't matter who started a DOSbox server, so everyone can start or join a game.

    6. Join network in Hamachi:
    Name: DeathRallyRR
    Password: dr
    7. Launch Hamachi, choose a server-guy there and copy his IP (or start your own server), then launch the game using proper shortcut and go to Multiplayer > Network Connection. That's all, now you can play and chat!
    NOTICE: to switch between fullscreen and windowed press ALT+ENTER.

    Write down the time when you're online.
    And of course you also can play without Hamachi.
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    Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

    DOSBox handles the IPX network by itself. You don't need hamachi for that. So it's just needlessly complicating the instructions IMHO.


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      Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

      Yes it does, but I need Hamachi for chat and mostly for static IP.
      And about instructions: with this shortcuts you can play the game as in Windows version, so you dont need to write something in DOS console, press alt+enter and when close window or something. And its much easier to rewrite servers IP in shortcut properties than go edit dosbox.conf every time
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        Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

        Lets go play maybe?
        I tested everything and its working.


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          Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

          Ah, I see, you skipped the setup part by including a Death Rally config file. That's clever. Doesn't seem easier otherwise to me, but no matter, now people have two different ways to get it working.

          Unfortunately, I can't play at the moment, because I'm at work.


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            Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

            Join my Death Rally Online group:

            And add me:

            Sorry if I went off-topic!
            Link for downloading DoomFrost's DR mod:

            Death Rally Online Group:


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              Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

              I joined your group, add me please.
              Lets try to play online tomorrow? Write please when can you play.


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                Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

                hola a todos.

                SI algun colombiano desea jugar Death rally en RED escribame un correo a asunto death rally online.



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                  Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

                  ty... your post is great.

                  ty so much .


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                    Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

                    Hi, all! I'm Brazilian!

                    Someone wants to play now?


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                      Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

                      Somebody want to play on holidays? Write me in private.


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                        Re: DOSbox Multiplayer

                        Me and my friend follow this tutorial but no success could someone help my msn:





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                          Re: DOSbox Multiplayer


                          Please check as well this thread

                          I propose that players meet on an IRC channel
                          /join #deathrally
                          No registration required, unlimited number of people unlike hamachi networks...