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DOS/Windows Versions High Scores Synchronizer

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  • DOS/Windows Versions High Scores Synchronizer

    I realize that there will more than likely not be any new versions or features added to this game, but if so:

    I noticed that the saved games are compatable with the DOS version of the game, but the DR.CFG file (which stores your high scores) is not. The DOS and Windows DR.CFG file is the same filesize, but the DOS version is encrypted, while the Windows version is not.

    If not an update to the Windows version of the game, maybe a little command-line utility that would synchronize the high scores between the DOS and Windows versions' DR.CFG?

    P.S. (OT) FYI, if anyone is so inclined, you can download a PDF of the original DOS CD version's manual from 3D Realms web site here -> (right-click/save-as)
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