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    Re: Adversary

    Hey Zaphire, so the Adversary was avaiable in shareware

    I tried your savegame, but there were some problems (which I was afraid of above):

    1.) After finishing the race, game crashes

    2.) If I go to the stats screen the game crashes.

    I bought a sentinel, still got the adversarys car (just different colour)

    The problem is I dont know which offset I should have to use. And I get tired of trying every number between 64 and 10240 or something.

    But maybe you want to help me? Take the line 463CE8 (That is the line that says which rank I have)
    Try to edit the values so that you have the adversary.

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Adversary

      Meh ... its rly hard to find out what posi adver have ...
      4hs and nothing found v.v

      but I tryd something else XD If u wanna have the look of adversarys car for all deliverators edit the exe, search for "SPECIAL" and rename "LOTUS" to "SPECIAL", then all Delis looks like Advers. Problem is ... we dont have the Machine-Gun of him ... same with his face ... looking for FACE20.BPK (its farmer ted) and change it to "FACEXX.BPK"
      ***make a copy of u're original exe***
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        Re: Adversary

        That are good attachments but I wanted to find a way like your shareware savegame (I hope without crashing this time)

        I tried to compare different savegames from the dos shareware verson (in order to find the differences of the ranking values) but all savegames are completely different! (also the values are saved in strange way. I for example could not find the value for 500000 money, no hex found for this)

        So, I have no more ideas now, spent many hours on finding a way to present you a nice savegame here but sorry, no way. The only savegames I have are different colours and fully upgraded opponents.


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          Re: Adversary

          Death Rally is as original as the DOS Version.
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            Found the savegame after all these years, I completely forgot about this.
            If you wanna play with the Adversary's car in the shareware version, I've reuploaded the savegame again:


            Enjoy, and long live Death Rally!
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            Link for downloading DoomFrost's DR mod:

            Death Rally Online Group:


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              Hi to all,

              I found this savegame mod that allow us to play with the adversary car in the full version!